2021 Event

First Amateur Team Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to our First Amateur Team Excellence award winners.  This award began with the 2018 Master National event to recognize those amateur handler/dog teams that have passed the Master National event three times. The winners

A Tribute to Mary and Gump, MNH9

Writen By Frank Barton, Hunt Test Secretary For those that run their dogs at the Master National event, the designation MNH means a great deal. It is difficult to qualify for the event and even

MNRC Test Locations For Sunday Start

MNRC Test Locations For Sunday, Valley County Idaho Roberts Ranch: Land GPS Coordinates: 44.68348, -116.05201 Robert’s Ranch is located South of Donnelly on Hwy 55. Landmarks: 3 Silos on the West side of Hwy 55

MNRC Auction Live Online Now

The Master National Retriever Club Silent Auction is live online at:  https://one.bidpal.net/mnrc2021   We apologize for the slight delay in getting this online.  New items will be added so please check back often to see what’s

2021 Revised Schedule of Events

2021 Master National   REVISED Schedule of Events Valley County, Idaho (All times MDT)     Wednesday, September 18th Text / Blog / Social Media 5:00 pm        Online Auction Opens at www.bidpal.net/mnrc2021 Auction closes Monday,

Reminder: Major Road Construction Near Cascade

Here’s a reminder from the Idaho Transportation Department regarding a major road construction project going on near the Cascade area. ID 55: Major road construction. Updated September 2 by ITD Between Smith’s Ferry Drive – High Valley Road

2021 Master National Training Birds

UPDATE: Training Birds for the Master National Jerry Collingham with Northwest Gamebirds, is the bird supplier for the 2021 Master National Event. All birds for the MNRC event and pre-test training will be either sex

2021 Master National Running Order

The 2021 Master National Running Order for Flights A through G for the “Greatest Spectacle in Retrievers” are posted. Keep in mind, the Starting Dog number isn’t picked until Opening Banquet, Thursday, September 30th at

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