2021 Judges Instructions to Handlers

The following are suggestions to the handlers on having a safe and successful journey! Please note, you may use your own Handler’s gun if you wish.

1) First and foremost have fun, be safe and best of luck to each team.

2) On walk ups the bird will be called for when dog and or handler arrives at the line.
If dog arrives first and sits upon the request as bird is in the air, handler may proceed
to dog’s side. Handler may not proceed beyond the point where dog was asked to sit.

3) On any set of marks if dog is beyond reach of extended gun barrel, handler will be
asked to re-heel the dog. Trainability is under consideration.

4) There is no designated creep line. Excessive creeping presents a safety concern. Excessive and repetitiveness of creeping could result in elimination due to poor trainability scores.

5) Recasting on marks could be a result of confusion which will be given total consideration and fairness to the team. In generality it is expected the dog would not travel beyond 15’ from the line prior to return. See Chapter, 4 Section 7, page 31 in the rule book.

6) If the dog stops and looks for directions from the handler while in pursuit of a mark it will be considered a pop. Repetitiveness of popping could result in elimination due to poor trainability scores. Any body movement by the handler upon the dog popping while in pursuit of the mark will be considered a handle and the handler should continue to give the dog directions.

7) Handler must remain standing while at honor. Handler may not lean over the dog in a manner that appears intimidating. Handler must not stand in a position which would restrict the total view of the marks by the dog. Dog may be in a stand, sit or laying down position provided all marks remain in total view.

8) Handle the gun in a safe manner at all times as if it were capable of being discharged to include being held with both hands when put to shoulder. Gun must be shouldered as marks are presented and birds are the air.

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