Hall of Fame

Celebrate Time-Tested Performance 

wdt_ID Passes Dog Title Owner
721 4 Passes A&M Otis MH MNH4 James Stienmetz
722 4 Passes Abandoned Road's Caffeine Explosion MH MNH4 CHARLES & JUDY PUGH
723 4 Passes Adpg Mobile Bay MH MNH4 Robert & Marsha Graham
724 4 Passes Ajax's Jacob's Shot Of Black Powder MH MNH4 Edward Rischka
725 4 Passes Alpenglos Western Marshal MH MNH4 Deane Cooper
726 4 Passes Armagh's Pug Mahon MH MNH5 JAMES BERGH
727 4 Passes Back Woods Gambler MH MNH4 Bill Autrey
728 4 Passes Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH MNH4 Jack O'connor III
729 4 Passes Baypoint's Shaq And Maddie's Championranger-Omg MH MNH4 Bob Gabriel
730 5 Passes Fats Waller's Joint Is Jumpin MH MNH5 Kathleen Folsom
731 6 Passes Academy's All American MH MNH6 TIM MITCHELL
732 4 Passes Big Black Dude Il MH MNH4 Mark Massey
733 4 Passes Big Dude's Whistleblower MH MNH4 Russell Young
734 4 Passes Big Horn Chasin' Holway's Gold MH MNH4 Keith & Kathy Winch
735 4 Passes Black Dude's Sergeant Pepper MH MNH4 John & Hunter Lamar
736 4 Passes Black Majick's Blockade Runner MH MNH4 Tom & Tricia McKenzie
737 4 Passes Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH MNH4 Tom & Tricia Mckenzie
738 4 Passes Black Star Bridger Boy MH MNH4 Wade Black
739 4 Passes Blackbirds Blu-Moon Shyne MH MNH4 JOHN BLACKBIRD
740 4 Passes Blue Eyed Blond MH MNH4 David & Nikki Illias
741 4 Passes Blue's Stormy Weather Satchmo MH MNH4 Dow Derato
742 4 Passes Boo's Watermark Of Teal Pond MH MNH4 JOEL EARLS
743 4 Passes Borderline's Carbon Copy MH MNH4 Sallie P. Sullivan
744 4 Passes Break In The Storm MH MNH4 Diane Green
745 4 Passes Brody Cooper Oakridge Fender MH MNH4 James Fender
746 5 Passes Fc Little Wing MH MNH5 Mike Moss
747 5 Passes Ferguson's Retired Veteran MH MNH5 Sam & Jeannie Ferguson
748 5 Passes Ferguson's Retirement Bonus MH MNH5 Sam & Jeannie Ferguson
749 5 Passes Flk's For The Love Of Pearl MH MNH4 Chris & Eileen Jobman
750 5 Passes Ghostryder's Go Ali's Grace MH MNH5 George Anne Daly
751 5 Passes H & H's Tchoupitoulas Tomahawk MH MNH5 Harold & Hanna Buckley
752 5 Passes Hardscrabble Play With My Buns MH MNH5 Tom & Tricia McKenzie
753 5 Passes Hermans Nitro Nici Of Sunnyview MH MNH5 BILL HERMAN
754 5 Passes Herm's Blm MH MNH5 Tom Connor & Katie Quarles
755 5 Passes High Mileage Hilltop's Hustle MH MNH5 MARTHA & DAVID KRESS
756 5 Passes Indyanna Run For The Vet MH MNH5 Dennis Greer
757 6 Passes Beckylou's Linc' To Beamer MH MNH6 L Dejohn/B De John
758 6 Passes Best Roux Got A Clue MH MNH6 RODY BEST
759 6 Passes Birchangreen's Rising Tide MH MNH6 Tara Yohan & Nona King
760 6 Passes Borderline's Miss Liberty MH MNH6 SALLIE SULLIVAN
761 6 Passes Canebrake's Joltin' Cannon Shot MH MNH6 B Magee/W Magee
762 6 Passes Coco's Fat Chance Diesel Injected MH MNH6 ALICE RODRIGUEZ
763 7 Passes Fr Jim's Rebel Yell MH MNH7 Fr Jim Strange
764 7 Passes Froghollow's Cumoran Rebel MH MNH7 Steve & Carrie Raney
765 7 Passes Lab's Unlimited Shoot Me A Triple MH MNH7 Bill Cox
766 8 Passes Black Devil's Ace In The Hole MH MNH8 Shawn Montgomery
767 9 Passes Beckylou's Bayou Beamer MH MNH9 L&E DeJohn & R&E Lee
768 3 Passes Marks A Lot Gangster MH MNH Linda Marshall
769 5 Passes Island Acres Widow Maker MH MNH5 Doug Shade
770 5 Passes Joe Harrisnoble Lady Guinevere MH MNH5 Jack & Cheri Noble
771 3 Passes Marks Real Dekoy Deke MH MNH Mark Koester
772 3 Passes Marksalot Cocain Ice MH MNH Don Donley
773 3 Passes Martha Of Beanshill MH MNH Donald Chamberlain
774 3 Passes Marymont's Fleetwood Mac MH MNH Robert Montler
775 3 Passes Max Mighty Mouse MH MNH Ken Kiesow
776 4 Passes brown roux's last great storm raising cain MH MNH4 Mark Griffith
777 3 Passes Max's Black Magic MH MNH Dick Fisher
778 3 Passes Medicine Beau's Honey Hoss MH MNH Jeffrey Henderson
779 3 Passes Medicine Mans Lost At Sea MH MNH Becky Malphus
780 3 Passes Merganser's Mr. Cooper MH MNH Steve & Susan Souder
781 3 Passes Metis Pchit Of Buckshot MH MNH Paul & Dee Lance
782 3 Passes Millercreek's Cross Country Rebel At Watercross MH MNH Fernando Somoza
783 4 Passes Bucky's Big River Timber MH MNH4 Corey Zandonai
784 5 Passes Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH5 Jace & Denise Tramontin
785 5 Passes Kate's Diamond In The Ruff MH MNH5 Michael & Dorothy Ruehman
786 3 Passes Montana Luther's Java MH MNH Bonnie & James Cuddihy
787 3 Passes Moon Schoon Quicks Sureshots MH MNH Jeff & Virginia Schoonover
788 3 Passes Moon Schoon Saturn Running MH MNH Larry Howell
789 3 Passes Morningside's High Brass Rebel MH MNH Buris Davin Jr
790 3 Passes Morningside'S Smackwater Jack MH MNH Valarie Marks & Christina Poulos
791 3 Passes Mosby's Big Jake MH MNH Jimmy Hughes
792 3 Passes Mosses' Coal Mine MH MNH Jennifer & Joe Moss
793 3 Passes Mossy Pond's Crooked Shore MH MNH John Inzer
794 3 Passes Mpr's Top Gun MH MNH Kevin & Pamela Bunnell
795 3 Passes Mpr'S Top Secret MH MNH Kevin Bunnell
796 3 Passes Mr Smartypants MH MNH Tom & Tricia Mckenzie
797 3 Passes Ms Chelsey'S Southern Belle MH MNH Bo Stull & John Bassett
798 4 Passes Cajun Drake's Faith Of A Rebel MH MNH4 Chad Vidrine
799 4 Passes Call Me Mr Spunkmeyer MH MNH4 Gregory Nelson
800 4 Passes Candlewood's Git'r'done MH MNH4 Kevin Buckley
801 4 Passes Candlewoods Head Over Heels MH MNH4 John & Mary Stracka
802 6 Passes Contrails Tailspin MH MNH6 MIKE MOSS
803 5 Passes Kerrybrook's In High Spirits MH MNH5 Paul & Karen Brown
804 6 Passes Crimson's Black Powder Girl MH MNH6 Jimmy Hughes
805 5 Passes Lake Country's Macho Mac MH MNH5 Jim Elam
806 6 Passes Crooked Creek Sporty Drake MH MNH6 KEVIN BUCKLEY
807 6 Passes Double Dare Dara MH MNH6 Mark Koester
808 7 Passes Lady Margaret Of Florentine MH MNH7 Catherine K. Lee
809 3 Passes Ms Remi Royale MH MNH Jack O'Connor
810 3 Passes MT Vernon Hayley's Yellow Jaxx MH MNH Bryan Couch
811 4 Passes Cash Creek's Apache Chief MH MNH4 Blake Sullivan
812 3 Passes Muddyfoot's GeorHia Ricochet MH MNH Will McElveen
813 3 Passes My Captain Fantastic MH MNH Patrica Jagoda
814 3 Passes My Gal Sal MH MNH Kathy Folsom
815 3 Passes My Lady's Blac Jac MH MNH Melissa Lutz
816 3 Passes Nck's Rock Chalk Jayhawk Of Tgk MH MNH Justin Poore
817 3 Passes Nick's Chocolate Rose MH MNH Jim Mackey
818 3 Passes North Fork's Big River Is Rising MH MNH Tom Mathis
819 3 Passes North Fork's Napolean Of The Slough MH MNH Mark Barber
820 3 Passes North Fork's Whistlestop Idgie MH MNH Al Oliver
821 4 Passes Cash's Coal Is Best MH MNH4 Kevin Buchman
822 3 Passes Northern Belle's Spicy Delight MH MNH Jon Dayton
823 5 Passes Lake Park Major League Grand Slam MH MNH5 Gary Witherspoon
824 3 Passes Oak Point's Traveling Man MH MNH Elaine Mitchell
825 3 Passes Oakview Rough and Tough Enough MH MNH Laurice Williams
826 3 Passes Oh Boy MH MNH Kathleen Vignos Folsom
827 3 Passes Ole Mighty Dollar Bill MH MNH Nathan Sloan
828 4 Passes Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH4 Jennifer Tucker
829 3 Passes One More Last Chance III MH MNH Rex Gibson
830 4 Passes Catch Me If You Can Ill MH MNH4 Deena Driskell
831 3 Passes Onedrdogs Over The Salish Sea MH MNH Vivian Huynh
832 3 Passes Orion's Crystal Sync Sound MH MNH Kate Macartney
833 3 Passes Orion's Lights Camera Action! MH MNH Kate Macartney
834 4 Passes Cfc Cafc Maralan's C.E.O. MH MNH4 Gary Kubicek
835 3 Passes Patton's Cobalt Hunter MH MNH Ron and Paula DeBerry
836 3 Passes Peanut's Spicy Surprise Aka Ayza MH MNH Freddy King
837 3 Passes Pear Tree's Fourth Blossom Vella MH MNH Justin Jackson & Kayla Jackson
838 3 Passes Pearl's Vision Of Jet Callauh MH MNH Chris Jobman
839 3 Passes Pearson Creek Sagebrush Traveler MH MNH Vic and Debbie Stuart
840 4 Passes Chip's Maximum Overdrive MH MNH4 Brian Mihelich
841 4 Passes Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH4 Mary & John Graf
842 5 Passes Lance's Gypsies Tramps And Thieves CD RA MH MNH5 Paul & Dee Lance
843 4 Passes Creditriver's Wild Card MH MNH4 RANDY BOHLMANN
844 4 Passes Crosswinds Ruby Rue MH MNH4 Deborah King
845 5 Passes Luther's High Grade Black Coal MH MNH5 David Knott
846 4 Passes Cumberland Ida Klaus MH MNH4 Clarence E. Klaus Jr.
847 4 Passes Cypress Brake's Tanker MH MNH4 BART VANDERHOEVEN
848 4 Passes Dalton's High Voltage Tigg MH MNH4 Dalton Lancaster
849 4 Passes Davis' Sweet Josie Brown MH MNH4 Tracy Davis
850 4 Passes Days End Suprise Standout Pippa MH MNH4 Denise Cole
851 4 Passes Dealer's Choice Ace In The Hole MH MNH4 Shawn Steverson
852 4 Passes Dixieland's Goodtime Bull MH MNH4 Kim Warren
853 4 Passes Dj's Ramblin Rascal MH MNH4 JAMES LOWRY
854 4 Passes Dogleg's Boondoggle MH MNH4 Gloria & Fred Nusbickel
855 4 Passes Downtown's Willie Willie Fast MH MNH4 Chad Pinzino & Missy Heard
856 5 Passes Madison Ave Mighty Minx MH MNH5 HAROLD & HANNA BUCKLEY
857 5 Passes Medicine Mans Cooking The Books MH MNH5 BECKEY MALPHUS DVM
858 5 Passes Medicine Mans Feather Quest MH MNH5 BECKEY MALPHUS DVM
859 5 Passes Midnight Dbl Shot Of Espresso MH MNH5 Janet Peters
860 5 Passes Mitimats Dark Demon MH MNH5 Jim Pickett
861 5 Passes Molly's Magnolia MH MNH5 Betsy & Wes Magee
862 5 Passes Murphy's Sugarbritches Radley MH MNH5 MAH David E. Murphy
863 6 Passes Dw's No Limit MH MNH6 Tom & Tricia McKenzie
864 6 Passes Esprit's Landshark MH MNH6 Jane Furrh
865 6 Passes Gooseneck's Carolina Jasmine MH MNH6 GLENN & REBECCA ROGERS
866 7 Passes Lance's Do You Wanna Dance MH MNH7 George Ann Daly
867 7 Passes Lance's Little Miss Runaway MH MNH7 Paul Lance
868 7 Passes Magnolia's Hammerin' Hank MH MNH7 Ronnie Lee
869 3 Passes Pepper's Bristol Fashion MH MNH Tellus Calhoun
870 3 Passes Perfect Marx Little Rascal MH MNH Charles Pugh
871 3 Passes Perry's Red Blaze Of Washita MH MNH Ray Perry
873 5 Passes North Forks I Want To Be A Rock Star MH MNH5 Scott Grier
874 3 Passes Pipe Creek's Constant Chaos MH MNH Nick Inglis
875 3 Passes Pitch Landing's Star Of The Show MH MNH Tyler Rogers
876 4 Passes Drake's Rolling Thunder MH MNH4 QA2 Justin & Jennifer Drake
877 3 Passes Play It Again Sam MH MNH Allen Dillard
878 3 Passes Premier's Duramax MH MNH Marlene & Charlie Hollie
879 3 Passes Prime Time Four's A Full House MH MNH Randall Gerbino/John Gerbino
880 3 Passes Quick Wheels Herbie MH MNH Donald Johns
881 3 Passes Ramsey XIII MH MNH Floyd East Mike Griffin
882 3 Passes Raney's Mason Of Sir Woodrow MH MNH Derick Boyd
883 3 Passes Razor Sharp's Lucky Charm MH MNH Leigh Ware
885 3 Passes Rebel's Best Son MH MNH Glenn Coterill
886 3 Passes Rebels Dazlin Texas Gunsmoke MH MNH Dale Tolmsoff
887 3 Passes Red Label Turn The Page MH MNH Richard Myers
888 3 Passes Red Rock's Getting Tubby MH MNH Rick Bullock, Sandy Bullock
889 3 Passes Red Rock's Tuff MH MNH Rick & Sandy Bullock
890 3 Passes Red Squad's Loverboy MH MNH David Eaton
891 3 Passes Redstar Herbettabegood MH MNH Eric Talley
892 3 Passes Reibar's Adorable Deplorable MH MNH Donna Campbell
893 3 Passes Remington Lucky Duck MH MNH Brad & Patty La Fave
894 3 Passes Rendezvous Sassy Pants MH MNH Carol Davis
895 3 Passes Renloz Gentle Chey MH MNH Thomas Zoellner
896 3 Passes Rgg's Retriever In The Reed MH MNH Ryan Grace
897 3 Passes Rg's Retriever Flash In The Reeds MH MNH Craig & Beverley Grace
898 3 Passes Right On The Money Aj Of Nck MH MNH Jim Kern
899 3 Passes Riverwoods Heza Wild Game Keeper MH MNH Nancy & John Miner
900 3 Passes Rockerins Lil Miss Pandora MH MNH Chuck Strange
901 3 Passes Rockin' S Retrievers Black Mamba MH MNH Joel P Walters/Anya J Walters
902 3 Passes Rocking M Black Raider MH MNH John & Judy Lorenzo
903 3 Passes Rocky Creek's Liquid Gold MH MNH REX GIBSON
904 3 Passes Rooster's Eye Of The Tiger MH MNH Bill Daniels
905 3 Passes Rouxs Cajun Chocolate Redwind MH MNH Christopher Rodrigue
906 3 Passes Rrk Stoke Em Smoke Em Of Tgk MH MNH J Miller
907 3 Passes Ruff Rivers Crown Reserve MH MNH Jeff Bundy
908 3 Passes Running On Octane MH MNH Ronnie Wyatt
909 3 Passes Runs Creek's Be Ready For Yeti MH MNH Mark & Shannon Atwater
910 3 Passes Sally's Sassy Bit O'bart MH MNH Laura & Eugene Byrd
911 3 Passes Salt Marsh Ceilidh Dancer MH MNH Elaine & David Boothman
912 3 Passes Salt Marsh Penny Red MH MNH David & Elaine Boothman
913 3 Passes Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH MNH David & Elaine Boothman
914 3 Passes Sarah's Back N Smoken MH MNH DENNIS GREER
915 3 Passes Satchabrat MH MNH Doug Shade & Sharon House
916 3 Passes Sawtooth's no foolin' MH MNH Debra Ziegler
917 3 Passes Scissortail's Brush Country Monster MH MNH Chris Jobman
918 3 Passes Seaside's All American Girl MH MNH Scott Cooper
919 4 Passes Emberain Ivy Gotta Go Hunting MH MNH4 Judy & Jerry Drum
920 5 Passes Pc's You're The One MH MNH5 Janet Wood
921 4 Passes Farmer's Big Slick MH MNH4 Rex Gibson
922 3 Passes Seaside's Speeding Bullet MH MNH Joel & Anja Walters
923 3 Passes Seaside's Super Cam MH MNH Chase Haws
924 3 Passes Semper Austin Mini-Cooper Bn MH MNH Julie Cairns & Katie Quarles
925 3 Passes Serendipity's Gypsy Rogue MH MNH Dr. James Newbill
926 3 Passes SGR's Pour Me Another Tequila MH MNH Brad Beaulieu
927 3 Passes Shadow's Auburn Annie Oakley MH MNH Roger Quaas
928 3 Passes Shamrock Acres Adams Jake MH MNH Gale Adams
929 3 Passes Shelbie's It's All About Me MH MNH Anya and Joel walters
930 3 Passes She's The Fabulous Wizard Of Oz MH MNH Brian Tucker
931 3 Passes Shotgun Willie Nelson MH MNH Garrett Walker
932 3 Passes Show-Me's we won the cup MH MNH Eric Teson
933 3 Passes Sic'Em On A Chicken MH MNH David Eaton
934 3 Passes Silas Hey That's A Fact Jack MH MNH James Grant
935 3 Passes Silverbrook Joey's Girl MH MNH Sue And Joe Hartsoe
936 3 Passes Sir Riley Merganser Of Creswell MH MNH Donn Peacock
937 3 Passes Sir Samson Shady Oaks MH MNH Wendell Barton & Buddy Vail
938 3 Passes SIR Vince Lombardi Blank MH MNH Leonard Blank
939 3 Passes Sir Wolfgang Jack Maverick MH MNH Dean Grand
940 4 Passes Fast Fred's Tank MH MNH4 Willis Shanks
941 3 Passes Slick Trix Hen Hound Aka Teet MH MNH Randy Hawkins
942 3 Passes Smackwater's Confederate Rose MH MNH Valarie Marks & Christina Poulos
943 3 Passes Smackwater's M-W Ranch Maverick MH MN Sandy Moody
944 5 Passes Pine Acre's Webfoot Winger MH MNH5 Mark Parman
945 3 Passes Smoking Gun's Sweet Thunder MH MNH Jeff Warren
946 3 Passes Snake Eye's Indigo Ace MH MNH Se Plymate Jr
947 3 Passes Southern Warrior's Stirrin Up Trouble Zeus MH MNH Jeremy Bolden
948 3 Passes Southwinds Lonesome Susie MH MNH Paula White-Horsley
949 3 Passes Spacecoast Shooting Star MH MNH Dale Koch
950 3 Passes Speedie 2nd Addition MH MNH Josh Moorman
951 3 Passes Spice's Zen Master Kaizen MH MNH Rob Somers
952 3 Passes Spring River's Yankee Captain MH MNH Mike Gibson
953 3 Passes St. Rex's She Aint Just Whistlin Dixie MH MNH Brian Rex
954 3 Passes Starlight's Born With A Silver Spoon MH MNH M Kehke, N Sanders
955 3 Passes Starlight's Mikayla Sue MH MNH Randy & Sherre Frager
956 3 Passes Starlights Red Bull MH MNH Bob & Andrea Dutton
957 3 Passes Stellar's My Time To Shine MH MNH Wendy Wotasek
958 4 Passes Field of Dreams Cut A Lean Mark MH MNH4 Bob Hixson
959 3 Passes Stellar's Promise Of Glory MH MNH Jack Morris
960 4 Passes Firemarks Bright Copper MH MNH4 Dick & Heidi Alef
961 3 Passes Stellar's Running In Order MH MNH Robert Rascoe
962 3 Passes Stellar's Steady Trigger MH MNH Nathan Proske
963 3 Passes Stick To Your Guns G Man MH MNH John O'Connor III
964 3 Passes Stoneridge Koko Raisa Gage MH MNH Marcus Millikan
965 3 Passes Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH MNH Matt Griffiths
966 3 Passes Stoneridge The Captain's Daughter MH MNH Matt & Katie Griffiths
967 4 Passes Flatlander's Steady Like A Rock MH MNH4 Chris Jobman
968 3 Passes Storms Gentle Swoop MH MNH Kyle Plattenburg
969 3 Passes Stricklands Sonny Boy MH MNH Leroy Strickland
970 3 Passes Strike A Major Chord MH MNH Francis & Nancy Prendergast
971 3 Passes Sugarfoots Rascal MH MNH Terrance Thomas
972 4 Passes Fr Jim's Terrible Enigma MH MNH4 Dr Jim Stange
973 4 Passes Fullcircle Wings On The Wind MH MNH4 Alan Dadd
974 4 Passes G-Man's Dreamboat Annie MH MNH4 Ray Shanks/Matt Sterner
975 4 Passes Gooseneck's Fire Away MH MNH4 Glenn Rogers/Rebecca Rogers
976 4 Passes Graden Windshear Alert MH MNH4 JB Hanks
977 4 Passes Grassy Creek Casey MH MNH4 Blake Lemish
978 4 Passes Gray Oak Honky Tonk MH MNH4 Drew Neubauer
979 4 Passes Gunner Of King's Pointe MH MNH4 NEIL MARTZ & JEFF BRYSON
980 4 Passes Heather's Wee Little Devil MH MNH4 Brian Hawthorne
981 4 Passes High Tide's Drivin' Miss Daisy MH MNH4 Mary Williams
982 4 Passes Houston's Rebel Jeb MH MNH4 George W. Tomlinson
983 4 Passes Ironweed's Yellow Dog Blues MH MNH4 Dr. Phil Boswell
984 4 Passes Island Acres Quincy MH MNH4 Doug Shade
985 4 Passes Island Acres Terrible Conundrum MH MNH4 Doug & Kimberly Shade
986 4 Passes It Ain't Over Til It's Over MH MNH4 John Ryan Nader
987 4 Passes J & J's Bear MH MNH4 Juliann & James Windham
988 4 Passes Jovi's Josie Hampton MH MNH4 George Hampton
989 4 Passes Juice's Cruise Missile MH MNH4 GEORGE GAINER
990 4 Passes Just One Of The Rat Pack MH MNH4 Drew Neubauer
991 4 Passes Justin Time Salty Margarita MH MNH4 Dianne & Randy Clark
992 4 Passes Kennington's I Be Strokin MH MNH4 Douglas Weese
993 4 Passes King Hudson MH MNH4 DAVID ROLENS
994 4 Passes Kingseed's Little Miss Dangerous MH MNH4 Tim Doane
995 4 Passes Kingsland Topgun Nellie Benelli MH MNH4 William Woll
996 4 Passes Lab's Unlimited Scrappy MH MNH4 BILL COX
997 4 Passes Labworx's The Stig MH MNH4 Kevin Buckley
998 4 Passes Leitner Farms Land Shark MH MNH4 Pat Keslar
999 4 Passes Leitner Farms Travl'N Girl MH MNH4 Eileen Jobman
1000 5 Passes Prairie Creek's Artemis MH MNH5 Keith Colburn
1001 6 Passes High Mileage Jb's Believer MH MNH6 MARTHA & DAVID KRESS
1002 5 Passes Raider's Jumpin Jack Flash MH MNH5 LARRY KIMBLE
1003 5 Passes Rebel's Shelby Gt MH MNH5 Bob Wingfield
1004 5 Passes Redgate's Five Star General MH MNH5 Frank Marx
1005 5 Passes Reibar's Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH5 D Campbell
1006 5 Passes Robbins Red Ruby MH MNH5 Chris Robbins
1007 5 Passes Shade's Irish Bailey MH MNH5 Doug Shade
1008 5 Passes Siskiyou's Water Hammer MH MNH5 Carolyn Goll
1009 5 Passes Stellar's Don'T Rock The Jukebox MH MNH5 Dede and Wayne Paterson
1010 5 Passes Stellar's My Time To Shine MH MNH5 WENDY WOTASEK
1011 5 Passes Stick To Your Guns G Man MN MNH5 Jack O'connor
1012 5 Passes Sunrise Ruby Rayne MH MNH5 Sidney Sondag
1013 6 Passes King Leonidas Of Silverbrook MH MNH6 Roxane and Michael Hixson
1014 6 Passes Marks A Lots Docs Ur Huckaberry MH MNH6 Jeff Nix
1015 6 Passes Moonstones Jimmymack Come Back MH MNH6 Lyle & Stephanie Steinman
1016 6 Passes Phineas Of Oakstone MH MNH6 John & Susan Micheli
1017 6 Passes PJ's Riverboat Queen MH MNH6 Timothy Allen Bass
1018 7 Passes Molly's Magnolia MH MNH7 Betsy & Wes Magee
1019 7 Passes Moon Schoon Devil Doubledown MH MNH7 Jeff & Virginia Schoonover
1020 7 Passes Mt Mckinley Mr Midnight MH MNH7 Woody Thurman
1021 8 Passes Gooseneck's Over The Limit MH MNH8 Glenn & Rebecca Rogers
1022 8 Passes Long Pond Moxy Stole My Thunder MH MNH8 Sandy & Mike Berube
1023 9 Passes Big Mamou's Run Forest Run MH MNH9 Joe Perron
1024 3 Passes Summer Breeze Annie Get Ur Gun MH MNH Marty Lee
1025 5 Passes Sureshot's Rio De Dinero MH MNH5 Steve & Carrie Raney
1026 4 Passes Lewis River's Souper Mann MH MNH4 Phillip Moore
1027 3 Passes Summerduck's Sharptail Md Gator MH MNH Ronald Thomas
1028 3 Passes Summers Gusty Breeze MH MNH Marty Lee
1029 3 Passes Sundance Birchfield Legend MH MNH Genie Hunter Edwards
1030 3 Passes Sunfire's Lacey Of Notch Hill MH MNH Chris Reynolds
1031 3 Passes Sungold Arizona Moss MH MNH Greg & Sue Gintoff
1032 5 Passes Swamp Run's Gotcha Talkin Now MH MNH5 Melissa Robinson-Shanks
1033 3 Passes Sunnyview's Ironwood Beckett Ii MH MNH Barbara Martin
1034 3 Passes Susquehanna Lost Hunter MH MNH H Herbert Smith
1035 3 Passes Swamp Chase's Max Single MH MNH Larry Noland
1036 5 Passes Sweet Adeline's Mick MH MNH5 Frank Marx
1037 3 Passes Swamp Collie's Gotta Have Heart MH MNH Mark & Shannon Atwater
1038 4 Passes Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH MNH4 Charles & Judy Pugh
1039 4 Passes Lloyd's Cash Call MH MNH4 DAVID & ELLEN LYBECK
1040 5 Passes Sweet Desire Little Mischief MH MNH5 Kim Shade
1041 5 Passes Tarheel's Ragtime Jazz MH MNH5 Nena & John Bruffey
1042 3 Passes Swampcreek Runnin On Ultralite MH MNH D Conyers
1043 3 Passes Sweet Rosie Ogrady MH MNH Rory O'Grady
1044 3 Passes Syler's Gauge MH MNH Curtiss Lindsay
1045 3 Passes Sylvia Joe Sefus Lipsey MH MNH Kevin Jackson
1046 3 Passes Talkin In The Timber Backwaters Bella MH MNH Justin Jackson
1047 3 Passes Tank's Happily Ever After MH MNH Tom & Cheryl Mathis
1048 3 Passes Tarbaby's Bobo MH MNH Jerry Bozeman
1049 3 Passes Taylor Farm's Berretta Onyx MH MNH Todd Schnoblich
1050 3 Passes Taylor Farm's Sandpiper MH MNH Jack Crawford
1051 3 Passes Tcr Is In A Tight Spot MH MNH Todd Alderman
1052 3 Passes Tee's Leesta De Chavez MH MNH Fred Aragon
1053 3 Passes Ten Bears Tiger Lily MH MNH Mandy Cieslinski
1054 3 Passes Tennessee's Belle Of The Ball MH MNH Chad Reed
1055 4 Passes Longponds Solo Tour Of Duty MH MNH4 Mike & Sandy Berube
1056 4 Passes Lorfield's I Get Around MH MNH4 Carol Hynes
1057 4 Passes Mach Rmr'S Kick Back To The Future Bn Rn MH MNH4 Sue Dorscheid
1058 4 Passes Madeline's Star Catcher MH MNH4 Chris Bodine
1059 5 Passes There She Goes MH MNH5 Derek Kriegel
1060 5 Passes Tiderunner II MH MNH5 Wanda Estep
1061 5 Passes Too Terrible Tillie MH MNH5 Mike Collson
1062 6 Passes Pop's Lucky 13 MH MNH6 Melissa Shanks
1063 6 Passes Punch's Click Click Boom MH MNH6 JACK PITTS
1064 9 Passes Lab's Unlimited Live Wire MH MNH9 Bill Cox
1065 3 Passes Testy Amigos MH MNH Lance Kauffman
1066 3 Passes Teufelhund Keystone MH MNH Michael Moss
1067 3 Passes Texas Special Agent 99 MH MNH Kevin Buchman
1068 3 Passes TFK's Short Burn MH MNH Bill Blackwood
1069 3 Passes Thunder's Problem Child Is About To Rock MH MNH Gregory Joy & Jennifer Murray
1070 3 Passes Tiger's Come On Homeboy MH MNH J Yerby
1071 3 Passes Timberline Magic Goldust MH MNH Rod Krahmer
1072 3 Passes Tioga's Pipe Dream Smoothie MH MNH John Boisvert
1073 3 Passes Tipton's Irish O'sammie Girl MH MNH Mark Shoemaker
1074 3 Passes Tommy Tess MH MNH Thomas Stuedeman & Eric Smith
1075 3 Passes Top Gun Tom MH MNH Jim Dobbs
1076 3 Passes Topbrass Diesel MH MNH Rex Gibson
1077 3 Passes Topbrass Northstar Crazy Train MH MNH Ron Houdek
1078 3 Passes Topbrass Power Stroke MH MNH Brian Hardin
1079 3 Passes Topend's One Last Tic Nick MH HDS TKI MH MNH C Kelly & D Kelly
1080 3 Passes Topgun Have A Little Faith MH MNH William Woll
1081 3 Passes Trigger's Death Punch MH MNH Travis Bennett
1082 3 Passes Troubador's Enchanted Misty Morning Breeze MH MNH Mark Polkey
1083 3 Passes Troublesome Duxbak Dewey MH MNH GARY L. WITT
1084 3 Passes Troublesome Fullgrown & High Speed MH MNH Bobby & Candice Dean
1085 3 Passes Troublesome Lorenzo Willis MH MNH Jack Hollingsworth
1086 3 Passes Truline Rio Artic Creek Flyer MH MNH Donna Pederson
1087 3 Passes Ttf Apache's Lil Triton Magnea MH MNH Chris & Kate Pennington
1088 3 Passes Tubb & Ruby's Sweet Southern Belle MH MNH Mark Polkey
1089 3 Passes Tubbs n Jaws Candy Bar MH MNH Delbert Smith
1090 3 Passes Turbo Charged Troublemaker MH MNH Joe Wilkens
1091 3 Passes Two Bits Slim Pickens MH MNH Sal Moraguez
1092 3 Passes Utopia Bewitched MH MNH Jon Smith & Jeff Jordan
1093 3 Passes Utopian Midknight Brigade MH MNH Joshua N. Carter
1094 3 Passes Van Lee's Travel'in Man MH MNH Tammy Adsitt
1095 4 Passes Marks A Lot I Like It That Way MH MNH4 Dan Kielty
1096 4 Passes Meadowmere's Lex MH MNH4 David & Nancy Corkum
1097 4 Passes Michael's Black Jack Daniels MH MNH4 MICHAEL JONKLAAS
1098 4 Passes Midnight Flash Cooper MH MNH4 Wesley Gilber
1099 4 Passes Missouris Locke's-N-Loaded Ammo MH MNH4 Eric Teson
1100 4 Passes Motown Magic Man MH MNH4 John Higgins
1101 4 Passes Mpr's One For The Road MH MNH4 Kevin & Pam Bunnell
1102 4 Passes Mv Prairie Labs Don'T Fail Me Baylee MH MNH4 Marta Morris
1103 4 Passes Nikes Star Of Jesse MH MNH4 Joe Harris
1104 4 Passes Old Bay's Choptank MH MNH4 Wayne Eliasek
1105 4 Passes Old Man's High Flying Goose MH MNH4 Dennis Danielson
1106 4 Passes Old Oak's Kid Dynamite Dave MH MNH4 CHUCK ANDERSON
1107 4 Passes Otter Creek's Karma MH MNH4 Dr. Morris Link
1108 5 Passes Topbrass Shining Sambuca MH MNH5 MICHAEL BUNTING
1109 4 Passes Pancho Pecos Rebel With A Cause MH MNH4 Lyndell Grubbs
1110 4 Passes Peaks Hiddden Agenda MH MNH4 Renee Hager
1111 5 Passes Vet's Diggin Jory MH MNH5 Dennis Greer
1112 5 Passes Washita's All Charged Up MH MNH5 Jeff Chestnut
1113 5 Passes Washita's Daisy Duck MH MNH5 Jeff Chestnut
1114 5 Passes Waterdogs Cash Money Maker MH MNH5 Jr Webster
1115 5 Passes Watermark's Cinderella MH MNH5 Bill & Lynn Teague
1116 5 Passes Watermark's Maximum Roi MH MNH5 Lyle Steinman
1117 5 Passes Wizard's Little Guenivere MH MNH5 Jackie Working
1118 5 Passes Zoey's Black Magic MH MNH5 DENNIS GREER
1119 8 Passes Norwood's Ocoee JJ MH MNH8 Fay Norwood
1120 6 Passes Riptide Tule MH MNH6 MARK LOWMILLER
1121 6 Passes St Croix Hot Shot MH MNH6 ELLY & RAY MUTH
1122 7 Passes Swamp Run's Go Get Em Gator MH MNH7 Ray Shanks
1123 7 Passes Tall Pines Long Shot Tanker MH MNH7 Glenn Rogers
1124 8 Passes Snake Eye's Ace Of Windmill MH MNH8 Hanna & Harold Buckley
1125 3 Passes Vblackwater's Fowl Play MH MNH Daniel & Melissa Heard
1126 3 Passes Vets Cookn Famous Amos MH MNH Dennis Greer
1127 3 Passes Vinwood's Ebonstar Moon MH MNH Ed & Jane Sullivan
1128 3 Passes Vinwoods Tweety Bird MH MNH Kelsi Toth & William Carrington
1129 3 Passes Wahkiakum's Redman MH MNH Michael A. O'hearne
1130 3 Passes War Eagles Blu Chip Triever MH MNH Mark Watson
1131 3 Passes Washita's Lone Ranger MH MNH Jeff Chesnut
1132 3 Passes Washita's One Hot Harley MH MNH Jeff Chesnut
1133 3 Passes Washita's Two Socks Bigfoot Sandy MH MNH Richard Wyatt
1134 3 Passes Watermark's Hiwaters Destiny MH MNH Frank Waters
1135 3 Passes Watermark's Maxwell's Royal Flush MH MNH Dan & Nicole Boettger
1136 3 Passes Watermark's Stellar Caper MH MNH Steve Davis & Lee Hanes
1137 3 Passes Waylons Ginny MH MNH Benjamin Huels
1138 3 Passes WFK'S Willa B. Ready MH MNH Beau & Kristen Chamberlain
1139 3 Passes Whistlin Woody MH MNH Keith Hall
1140 3 Passes White River Witchy Woman MH MNH Jim Ronquest
1141 3 Passes Wild West Posse Point Man MH MNH Robert & Annette Pacheco
1142 3 Passes Wild Wing Five Star Remington MH MNH Marion Woolie
1143 3 Passes Willie Getem Bob MH MNH Barry & Priscille Jordan
1144 3 Passes Willies Ace In The Hole Ii MH MNH Billy & Nalani Mathews
1145 3 Passes Willow Cypress Teal MH MNH Tyler Koehn
1146 3 Passes Windogs Cash Collector Vito MH MNH Rick Winnie
1147 3 Passes Windstorm Lightning MH MNH Mandy Cieslinski
1148 3 Passes Windy City"S Early Bird MH MNH Robert Gabriel
1149 3 Passes Windy City's Kadee CB and Seven MH MNH Steve Pfiefer
1150 3 Passes Windy City's Snake Eyes MH MNH Lesley-Rae Karnes
1151 3 Passes Wolf Creek's 1st Yellow Elly MH MNH Darrell Layman
1152 3 Passes Wolf Creeks Speck Of Gold MH MNH Orie Mathews & Ad Specks
1153 3 Passes Wolfs Diamond MH MNH Joe Wolf
1154 3 Passes Wolfs Ruby MH MNH Deborah Wolf
1155 3 Passes Woody's Riverside Ace In The Hole MH MNH Billie & Mark Helwick
1156 3 Passes You Go Girl MH MNH Diane Green
1157 3 Passes You Have Got To Be Kidding MH MNH Beth Sokohl
1158 3 Passes Youngs Copperhead Winner MH MNH Terry & TJ Bunn
1159 3 Passes Zachary Midnight Sugar Bear MH MNH Victor Batton
1160 4 Passes Pin-Mark's Creole Pepper Queen MH MNH4 IDA & BOB RICHARDS
1161 3 Passes Zeb's Troublesome Jordan MH MNH Daryl Miller
1162 3 Passes Zk's Spellcaster From The Bigwoods MH MNH Zakree Thompson
1163 5 Passes Academy's Deacon Howl'n Amen MH MNH5 M Bullen/S Bullen
1164 3 Passes 6bears Chasing The Perfect Storm MH MNH Beth & Sheldon Berrecloth
1165 3 Passes 6bears Just Sippin On Sweet Tea MH MNH Beth & Sheldon Berrecloth
1166 3 Passes Ace on the River IV MH MNH Martin & Donna Zamudio
1167 3 Passes Adams Acres Kelli MH MNH Sean Hager
1168 3 Passes Agent Natasha Romanova MH MNH Gordon Nichols
1169 3 Passes Ajs Labs Once Upon A Time MH MNH Anja and Joel Walters
1170 3 Passes Ajs Sailor Katy's Whips And Things MH MNH Joal & Anja Walters
1171 3 Passes Alligator Bait MH MNH Allen Dillard
1172 3 Passes Anderson's Cow Bayou Duke MH MNH Jody Anderson
1173 3 Passes Annie's Searchin For The Prize MH MNH Jeffrey Henderson
1174 3 Passes Applewood'S Bow Rider At Sealion MH MNH Wendy Pennington
1175 3 Passes Aragon's Rio De Fe MH MNH F Aragon/S Aragon
1176 3 Passes Armagh's Lord Duffy MH MNH Pat & Nancy Hanlon
1177 3 Passes Arnold's Kingsland Coke MH MNH Rick Arnold
1178 3 Passes Arrowhead's Little Mischief MH MNH Keith Kiesow
1179 3 Passes Aspetucks My Little Margie MH MNH Robert Ehlers & Betsy Pohl
1180 3 Passes Automatic Det-A-Nator MH MNH Ron Steinke
1181 3 Passes Autumn"s Midnight Legacy MH MNH Jean Fowler
1182 3 Passes Axle Rose's Deuces Are Wild MH MNH Richard & Pamela Wise
1183 3 Passes Ayera Gunnery Sargent MH MNH Bryant Wood
1184 4 Passes Pinnacle's Hunting Hutch MH MNH4 Brandon Gross
1185 3 Passes Baileys Irish Cream Of The Bigwoods MH MNH Jay Herrington
1186 3 Passes Bally's Favorite Peanut MH MNH Mary Ellen Hamilton, Marta Morris
1187 3 Passes Bally's Magazine Mogul MH MNH Adam & Cortney Bally
1188 3 Passes Bands and Bones Tactical Pursuit MH MNH Walt Pipkin
1189 3 Passes Barkley's Muddy Bombshell MH MNH Ben Petroelje
1190 3 Passes Barracuda Brown From Big Mamou Town MH MNH Joe Perron
1191 3 Passes Bay Creek Dan MH MNH Rex Bell
1192 5 Passes Ajax The Greater Of Mclean MH MNH5 Gayle Moore & Lanier Fogg
1193 3 Passes Bayou Riverhills Carolina Smoke MH MNH Jeffrey Henderson
1194 3 Passes Bayou Side Ben MH MNH Robbie Andries
1195 3 Passes Bear Creek's Ebony Rebel King MH MNH S Garland/T Garland
1196 3 Passes Big Muddy's Rivers Rising Fast MH MNH Randy McLean
1197 3 Passes Big R's She's Got The Look MH MNH Sherri J Rains
1198 3 Passes Big Thunderstorm MH MNH Glenda Hinson
1199 3 Passes Bigwoods Spooky Sir Sergei Le'Mule MH MNH Robert McFarlane MD
1200 3 Passes Black Bayou's Grandslam MH MNH D Russell Young
1201 3 Passes Black Dog Gets The Led Out "Zeppelin" MH MNH James Collins III
1202 3 Passes Black Ice's Graham Sky Walker MH MNH E Stanton Shoemaker
1203 3 Passes Black Powder Cali Tnt's Blasting Cap MH MNH A Christy
1204 3 Passes Black Powder's Blazing Red Flame MH MNH Carolyn Elam
1205 3 Passes Black Storm Pull The Cord MH MNH Glynn Mathews
1206 3 Passes Blackstar Smart Smoke MH MNH Mark Wasserman
1207 5 Passes Aspen's Mr Maverick MH MNH5 Art Stoner
1208 3 Passes Blue Shadow's Shake 'Em Up MH MNH Nora Barth
1209 3 Passes Bodine's Graceful Abegale MH MNH Randall Ayers Md
1210 3 Passes Boogie Mcseagull MH MNH Perry Meyring
1211 3 Passes Boomer's Cruisin Candy Man MH MNH Ed & Glenda Barnes
1212 3 Passes Borderline's Irish Whiskey MH MNH Aurelia Carter
1213 3 Passes Borderline's Late Addition MH MNH Sallie p. Sullivan
1214 3 Passes Borderline's Lista MH MNH Sallie P. Sullivan
1215 4 Passes Pirate's Booty MH MNH4 Chris Sundstrom
1216 3 Passes Borderline's Spitting Image MH MNH Sallie p. Sullivan
1217 3 Passes Bored Out Train Wreck N Ruby MH MNH Kenneth J Vidrine
1218 3 Passes Brassfire Bayou Bombshell MH MNH Ellen & Rob McNeill
1219 3 Passes Brassfire's Mustang Sally MH MNH Chris Carlson-Braswell
1220 3 Passes Breeden's Black Jack MH MNH David E Breeden JR
1221 3 Passes Brookdale's Power Tripp MH MNH Graham Morris
1222 3 Passes Brushy Creek's Happy Go Lucky MH MNH Amy Sturino
1223 3 Passes Buckhead's Sporting Duke MH MNH Gina Blitch
1224 3 Passes Buckshot's Yukon Bontonbeau MH MNH John & Mary Graf
1225 3 Passes California Waterspook Riden Shotgun MH MNH Robert Parks
1226 3 Passes Calypso Kc Masterpiece MH MNH Gloria Mundell
1227 4 Passes Raney Black Pearl Griffin MH MNH4 Mike Griffin
1228 4 Passes Raney's Ria De Latte MH MNH4 Carrie & Steve Raney
1229 4 Passes Rattlin Ridge's Willin O Ranmar MH MNH4 Randy Clark and Dianne Clark
1230 4 Passes Razor Sharp's Riptide MH MNH4 Leigh Ware
1231 4 Passes Rebel Ridge Let'em Rip MH MNH4 Wendy Rowan
1232 4 Passes Rebel Yell's Holi Terror MH MNH4 Patricia Watson & Dawn Flickinger
1233 4 Passes Red Dog's Madman Across The Water MH MNH4 Rex Gibson
1234 4 Passes Red Rock's Rowdy MH MNH Rick Bullock & Melinda Mattingly
1235 6 Passes Stellar's Black Jack MH MNH6 Robert Rascoe
1236 4 Passes Rippling Waters Mo Sprite MH MNH4 Kathleen & Alan Luthy
1237 5 Passes Bayou Star Ms Independence MH MNH5 Jack O'connor
1238 4 Passes Riptide's Hydrophilic Hammertime MH MNH4 Scott Vance
1239 4 Passes Rock River's Bouncin' Off The Walls MH MNH4 G Johnson
1240 4 Passes Roux's Trophy Buck MH MNH4 Dr. Cade Coppenbarger DVM
1241 4 Passes Ruger With A Cause MH MNH4 Billy Hablinski
1242 4 Passes Runnin Rebels Dabo MH MNH4 Mike Perry
1243 4 Passes Scarlett Of Lakestone MH MNH4 Mark & Melanie Proctor
1244 4 Passes Sgr's Emilys's Eve Of Destruction MH MNH4 Taylor Neild
1245 5 Passes Beau Chene's Lady Sings The Blues MH MNH5 Marta Morris
1246 4 Passes Sinking Creek's Aces All In MH MNH4 Jason Haddock
1247 4 Passes Smokin 8-9-8 MH MNH4 Charles Pugh
1248 4 Passes Snake Eye's Kubla Khan MH MNH4 Fred & Gloria Nusbickel
1249 4 Passes Sniper's Pocket Rocket MH MNH4 Alice Woodyard
1250 4 Passes Stellar's Sunny Ray MH MNH4 Bill & Lee Hanes
1251 4 Passes Stk's Full Of Mallards MH MNH4 Julie Moore
1252 4 Passes Sugar Bullet MH MNH4 Jack O'connor
1253 4 Passes Swamp Run's Black Magic Woman MH MNH4 Chris & Traci Bodine
1254 4 Passes Swamp Runs Mia China Girl MH MNH4 CHUCK RADINICK
1255 6 Passes Stellar's Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH6 D Patterson
1256 4 Passes Swiftwaters Uncle Sam MH MNH4 Robert J. Dodson
1257 5 Passes Beaverdam's Lucky Number MH MNH5 Josh & Richard Moorman
1258 5 Passes Black Water Dogs Night Train MH MNH5 Stephen Jones
1259 5 Passes Blenny Run's Thrill of Victory MH MNH5 Mitch McEwen
1260 5 Passes Borderline's Big Echo MH MNH5 Sallie P. Sullivan
1261 5 Passes Broken Willows Taking A Chance MH MNH5 THOMAS ZOELLNER
1262 5 Passes Castile Creeks Majorcan Hotspot At Lpk MH MNH5 Sandy & Mike Berube
1263 5 Passes Castile Creeks Two And A Half Men MH MNH5 Lyle & Stephanie Steinman
1264 5 Passes Cin-D's Storm Trooper MH MNH5 Cindy Read / Auggie Argabright
1265 5 Passes Conecuh River's Elegant Ella MH MNH5 Chase Haws
1266 5 Passes Contrail's Get On The Bus Gus MH MNH5 Lias J. MacDonald
1267 5 Passes Coolwater's Seaside Bullet MH MNH5 Thad Simmons & Everett Nix Jr.
1268 5 Passes Cow Creek Charlie MH MNH5 Al Wyoak
1269 6 Passes Sureshot's Little Latin Lover MH MNH6 LYLE STEINMAN
1270 6 Passes Swift River's Speed Trap MH MNH6 BUCK SHOPE & TARA YOHAN
1271 6 Passes Tall Pines Long Shot Tanker MH MNH6 GLENN ROGERS
1272 6 Passes Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH MNH6 Tierra Sloan
1273 6 Passes Wetlands Black Pearl MH MNH6 Kevin Bunnell
1274 7 Passes Beef River Brothers Buffalo Gal MH MNH7 Kathy Folsom
1275 7 Passes Big Two Hearted River Il MH MNH7 Lyle Steinman
1276 7 Passes Borderline's Dead Ringer MH MNH7 Sallie P. Sullivan
1277 7 Passes Borderline's Last Chance MH MNH7 Sallie P. Sullivan
1278 9 Passes Stellars Proud Mary MH MNH9 Bob & Nancy Neipert
1279 9 Passes Taylorlab Downtown Cooter Brown MH MNH9 Lyle & Stephanie Steinman
1280 3 Passes Candlewood's Highmilage Hope MH MNH Martha & David Kress
1281 4 Passes Taylor Farm's Midnight Georgia MH MNH4 Susan Liemohn
1282 3 Passes Candlewood's One More MH MNH R Kenworthy
1283 3 Passes Candlewoods Queen Of Country MH MNH Pam Dennis
1284 4 Passes Teufelhund Upsy Daisy MH MNH4 Michael Moss
1285 3 Passes Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MH MNH Jack O'Connor III
1286 3 Passes Castile Creeks Super Swig MH MNH Jack O'Connor
1287 3 Passes Castile Creeks Tug Of War MH MNH Bernie Sykes
1288 5 Passes Dark Timbers Gunsmoke And Jazz MH MNH5 Amber Everett
1289 3 Passes CCR's Ace Marksman MH MNH Shawn Montgomery
1290 3 Passes Cedar Ridge's Midnight Wager MH MNH Brian & karen Wesemann
1291 3 Passes Ch Nealcrest Keep On Shining MH MNH Lynne Neal Thompson
1292 3 Passes Cheney's Red N Ready Black Betty MH MNH Jack Cheyney
1293 3 Passes Claire's Brave Bo MH MNH William c. Brabec
1294 4 Passes Tfk's Head Man In Charge MH MNH4 Nunzio Litterio
1295 4 Passes Tfk's Tiger Dude's Black Pine MH MNH4 David Boykin
1296 5 Passes Docheno's Conecuh River Man MH MNH5 QA2 Chase Haws
1297 7 Passes Cin-D's Bobbie Sox MH MNH7 Cindy Read
1298 3 Passes Claybaker's Drama Queen MH MNH Seth Claybaker
1299 3 Passes Coach's Way to go Devil MH MNH Timothy Mattei
1300 3 Passes Code 3 Three From The Ring MH MNH Paul Mcginnis
1301 3 Passes Cold Front's Warrior Princess MH MNH Eric Noel
1302 3 Passes Coles Night Moves MH MNH Brian Raynor
1303 3 Passes Comets Rolling Thunder MH MNH Mike Perry
1304 3 Passes Compton's Rowdy Foxx MH MNH MATT GLASS
1305 3 Passes Conecuh River's Lovable Lou MH MNH Stuart Mash
1306 3 Passes Continental Cruisin The Hillside MH MNH Jon T Schuetz
1307 3 Passes Corkupa Dux Quack Quack MH MNH Roger Wallner
1308 3 Passes Country Club's Super Sabre MH MNH Todd & Heather Manuel
1309 3 Passes Countryside Gunner MH MNH Scott Jensen
1310 3 Passes Cour's Peacemaker MH MNH Luke Cour
1311 4 Passes The Bee Charmer MH MNH4 Tim & Dianne Mahady
1312 4 Passes The Blast's Fisticuffs MH MNH4 Dan & Melody Robinson
1313 4 Passes Tnt Explosions King MH MNH4 Eric Smith
1314 5 Passes Double J's Retrieving Rascal MH MNH5 J Talley/J Talley
1315 5 Passes Dude's Black Water Pearl MH MNH5 C (Patrick) Chambers
1316 5 Passes Dynamite's Ms Yankee Rebel MH MNH5 LYLE STEINMAN
1317 5 Passes Fargo's Gulf Coast Jack-Son MH MNH5 John Caire
1318 6 Passes Widgeon's Lil Ms Rascal MH MNH6 JACK O'CONNOR
1319 7 Passes Field Of Dreams Turnout Gear MH MNH7 Nancy & James Bauer
1320 3 Passes Crazy Yosemity Sam MH MNH Thomas Mcmorrow
1321 4 Passes Tnt Explosive Drago Sugar Bars MH MNH4 M MILLER
1322 3 Passes Creole's Loup-Garou MH MNH Ida Richards
1323 3 Passes Crescent City Michelle MH MNH Kamy Nicholson
1324 3 Passes Cresthill's Bold And Spicy MH MNH Wendy Bonello
1325 4 Passes Topbrass Calvin-N-Hobbes MH MNH4 Stewart & Ginger Flanagan
1326 3 Passes Crimson's Coriander Dream MH MNH Tracy Hughes
1327 3 Passes Crimson's Sweet as Dixie Crystal MH MNH Jimmy Hughes
1328 3 Passes Cripple Creek Zombie MH MNH Rod Stevenson
1329 3 Passes Crispin's This Is It Finis MH MNH Chris Akin
1330 3 Passes Crosswinds Kinky Kid MH MNH Bruce Halverson
1331 3 Passes Cuda Blue Mega Millions MH MNH Rick Randleman
1332 3 Passes Cypress Coast Isa Cabernet MH MNH J. Charley & P Scott
1333 3 Passes Cypress Creeks Traveling Man MH MNH Lawton Hayes
1334 4 Passes Triangle C's Pure Gold MH MNH4 Peter Bolinger
1335 3 Passes Dakota's Rebel Buckshot MH MNH Brian Mihelich
1343 3 Passes Dandesg The Dude Don'T Dance MH MNH John Dawber
1344 3 Passes Davis' Main Attraction MH MNH Tracy Davis
1345 3 Passes Deci's Little River Girl MH MNH H Reynolds
1346 4 Passes Trigger Times Mudder Flippin Ten MH MNH4 Rusty & Ashlee Haglund
1347 3 Passes Deck The Halls With Ribbons From Holly MH MNH Wendy Burley
1348 4 Passes Trumarc's Magz In Action MH MNH4 Sheila Jones/Yancy Jones
1349 3 Passes Deep Run Kadie Bar The Door MH MNH Karl Blackwell
1350 4 Passes Try It You'Ll Like It MH MNH4 John Leger
1351 3 Passes Deepwood's Off And Fly'n High MH MNH Nancy And Bob Neipert
1352 4 Passes Turtlecreek's Who Loves Ya Frankie P MH MNH4 Trish Jagoda & Mary Harding
1353 3 Passes Deuce On The Loose III MH MNH Corey Wise
1354 3 Passes Diamond Brook Bh Chili MH MNH David Knapp
1355 3 Passes Dickens' Ford Mustang Shelby Don't Care MH MNH Misty & Jeff Dickens
1356 3 Passes Dippomarsh Zephyr MH MNH Charles Hightower
1357 3 Passes Dixie's Delta Dawn VI MH MNH Tommy Zarta
1358 3 Passes DMR Golden Boy's Black Magic MH MNH Lillian Logan
1359 4 Passes Vet's Cut Above Lean Grade MH MNH4 D Greer
1360 3 Passes Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH MNH Darrin & Shelia Swenson
1361 3 Passes Doc Tee's Fire Down Below MH MNH Darrin & Sheila Swenson
1362 3 Passes Doc's Ciara Mist Of Washita MH MNH Dr. Cade Coppenbarger
1363 3 Passes Dogleg's Snake Eyes Pair-A-Dice MH MNH Gloria & Fred Nusbickel
1364 3 Passes Donnybrooks Honcho Babe MH MNH Gary l. Witt
1365 3 Passes Double 00 Maddie's Mea MH MNH Aric Hanson
1366 4 Passes Wall's Cash On The Line MH MNH4 CHRISTOPHER WALL
1367 4 Passes War Eagle What's Up Toots MH MNH4 Ken & Beth Walizer
1368 3 Passes Double K's High Voltage Zeus MH MNH ZoomDog Supplements & Neal Lynch
1369 3 Passes Dreamyerer's For A Few Dollars More MH MNH Art Stoner
1370 3 Passes Dry Creeks Rocket MH MNH Mike Longey
1371 4 Passes Waterfowl's Gunnin For Glory MH MNH4 Troy Bland
1372 3 Passes D's Call The Wind Mariah Of Hurley MH MNH DeWayne Glazewski
1373 3 Passes Duck Busters Bo Knows MH MNH Kurtis Loftis
1374 3 Passes Duckdawg's Mischief Maker MH MNH S McKeen
1375 3 Passes Duckdawg's Royal Flush MH MNH Brett Wallen
1376 3 Passes Ducks Run Pumba MH MNH P. Odom & pyllis garner
1377 4 Passes Watermark's River Trace MH MNH4 BILLY COBB
1378 3 Passes Dude's Black Water Shelby MH MNH B Kelly
1379 4 Passes Webshire Can-Do Canook MH MNH4 Lynn Macdonald
1380 3 Passes Dude's Performance Enhancing Drug MH MNH David W Boykin III
1381 3 Passes Dust Devil's Joltin Joe MH MNH Wes Magee
1382 3 Passes Early Morning Smoke On The Water MH MNH Kevin Hodges
1383 3 Passes Easy Breezy's Cover Girl MH MNH Woody Folsom
1384 3 Passes Ebb Tide's Sweet Lou MH MNH Tom Caine
1385 3 Passes Elmwood's Rebel Yell MH MNH Patrick Griffin
1386 3 Passes Elphabas Big Boom Roxy MH MNH Marc & Sharon Gemellaro
1387 3 Passes Emberain Augustus of Triever MH MNH Roy Fray
1388 3 Passes Emberain Devil In Disguise MH MNH Ellie Green
1389 3 Passes Emberain Lefty Lucy MH MNH Pat Denardo
1390 4 Passes Westwind's Raven Of Aliho MH MNH4 ELAINE BROCK
1391 3 Passes End O'lane Wet & Wild Will MH MNH John Goudge
1392 3 Passes Ester's Image Elizabeth MH MNH William Gillette
1393 3 Passes Fairwinds Honky Tonk Man MH MNH Alan Sandifer & Kevin Koches
1394 4 Passes Will-Do's Sir William MH MNH4 Ralph Ardis
1395 4 Passes Will-Do's Water Maker MH MNH4 Ralph & Sally Ardis
1396 3 Passes Fancy Don't Let Me Down Iv MH MNH William J Monroe
1397 4 Passes Windigo Flip N' Fly MH MNH4 Janet Peters & Ron Sauls
1398 3 Passes Fergie's Full Flavor MH MNH Joseph Hamm
1399 3 Passes Field Of Dreams Ollie MH MNH Tyler Patterson
1400 3 Passes Firemark's Holy Terra MH MNH Pat DeNardo
1401 3 Passes Firemark's Mack The Knife MH MNH Art & Caroline Baihly
1402 3 Passes Fishtrap Katie MH MNH Kylie & Chris Vandebrake
1403 3 Passes Five Star Patton's Attack MH MNH Robert Leslie Barrow
1404 3 Passes Flatlander's I Can't Drive 55 MH MNH Austin Lovell
1405 4 Passes Wolf Creek's Texas Twister MH MNH4 DARRELL LAYMAN
1406 4 Passes Wood River's Wizard Of Westwood MH MNH4 Jason Bryon
1407 3 Passes Flatlanders Thatll Leave A Mark MH MNH E Talley
1408 4 Passes Wycos Lena-Linda Con Besos MH MNH4 Randall and John Gerbino
1409 4 Passes Y-Farms Honey On The Move MH MNH4 Richard (Todd) Hanson
1410 3 Passes Fleetwood's Preacher Man MH MNH Ken Lofton
1411 3 Passes Flk's Listen Linda MH MNH Amber Everett
1412 3 Passes Flying First Class MH MNH Mike Turner
1413 3 Passes Duxbury My Ten Cents MH MNH Jack Combs & Mia DiBenedetto
1414 3 Passes FowlMasters Halle Bear MH MNH Michael Monnington
1415 3 Passes FowlMasters You Got Me On My Knees Layla MH MNH Kyler Monnington
1416 3 Passes Gator Points 007 Gadget Man MH MNH Pamela Dennis
1417 3 Passes Gentleman Bailey Gun'n Gold MH MNH Wcx Dave Baumgart
1418 3 Passes God's Speed Thunder Struck MH MNH Gregory Joy
1419 3 Passes Goodtime Ruby Tuesday MH MNH Elaine Goodner
1420 3 Passes Govner MH MNH Larry Taylor and Bei Collins
1421 3 Passes Greenhead's Okatuppa Blue Ru MH MNH Stan Boggs
1422 3 Passes Grindstone Blu By U MH MNH Wayne Skochenski
1423 3 Passes Grouse Creek's Blazin' Cinder MH MNH Jay & Raelene Phelps
1424 3 Passes Gump's Treasure Run MH MNH J DeRouen
1425 3 Passes Gunner Boy Washita Tobias MH MNH Matt Underwood
1426 3 Passes H And H's Pale Chief Longleaf MH MNH Hanna & Harold Buckley
1427 3 Passes Hammerin' Hank's Leroi Brown MH MNH Brady Rutledge
1428 3 Passes Happy's Bay City L'il Doc MH MNH Dr eugene d. Byrd jr.
1429 3 Passes Hardy Lake Diamond In The Ruff MH MNH Lonnie Burns
1430 3 Passes Hardy Lakes Chipotle Gump MH MNH Lonnie Burns
1431 3 Passes Harpers Itchin To Hunt "Hitch" MAH MH MNH Joseph Harper
1432 3 Passes Harpers' Kick It On Back (Kicker) MH MNH Joseph Harper
1433 3 Passes Harry Fur From Burger Farms MH MNH David Santos & Gina Rogers Santos
1434 3 Passes Hawkeye's Steel Pinnie MH MNH Ashlee Haglund
1435 3 Passes Healmarks Beautiful Black Betty MH MNH Marc Healey
1436 3 Passes Healmarks Sam I Am MH MNH Becky Williams
1437 3 Passes High Mileage Cool and Groovy MH MNH Martha Kress
1438 3 Passes High Points Asterion Flint Stone MH MNH Cindy Tulpa & Sharon Talley DMV
1439 3 Passes High Times Gldnich Soul Shaker MH MNH Nancy & John Miner
1440 3 Passes High Velocity Arrow XT MAH MH MNH Keith Kiesow
1441 3 Passes Highroller Marshall Matt Dillon MH MNH Hilda Wood
1442 3 Passes Hit The Ground Runnin' MH MNH Danny Pool
1443 3 Passes Hi-Top's Sudden Impact MH MNH Carol Young
1444 3 Passes Hiwaters Cookie Lyons MH MNH Frank Waters
1445 3 Passes Hl Technically He's Royal MH MNH Missy Lemoi
1446 3 Passes Hog Liver's Load'em Up Jeep MH MNH D Hightower
1447 3 Passes Hogie's Powerful Penelope MH MNH Erik Hogan
1448 3 Passes Honey Brakes Hurricane Hunter MH MNH Jared Mophett
1449 3 Passes Hope Lock Heirex MH MNH Melissa Lemoi
1450 3 Passes Hope's Taking Aim MH MNH Joshua Cochran
1451 3 Passes H-Town Reggie's Lean Candy Blue Lac MH MNH Carson Briles
1452 3 Passes Hunters Marsh King Elijah MH MNH Tim Doane
1453 3 Passes Ice Needs Whiskey MH MNH Jim Templeton
1454 3 Passes In The Hunt I Wish I Wuz MH MNH Skip Sparkman
1455 3 Passes Ink's Anna Belle Of Prairie Creek MH MNH Natasha Amari
1456 3 Passes Iowa Pointing Labs Mattix's Rizzo MH MNH Gary Mattix
1457 3 Passes Ira's Harper Go Lucky MH MNH Cliff Ira
1458 3 Passes Ira's Too Much Torque MH MNH Cliff IRA
1459 3 Passes Ironweed Hi-Bird Rascal MH MNH Mary Gregg
1460 3 Passes Ironweeds Hi-Bird Shooter MH MNH Paul & Karen Brown
1461 3 Passes Island Acres Mama Had To Have Her MH MNH Jillian Carlile
1462 3 Passes Islay's Smoky Wee Dram MH MNH Chris Jobman
1463 3 Passes J & J's Out of Town Colonel Ollie MH MNH James Windham
1464 3 Passes J&J's Little Red Ryder MH MNH Juliann Windham
1465 3 Passes J&J's Usmc General Walt MH MNH James Windham
1466 3 Passes Jackson Apollo MH MNH Dan & Beth Mills
1467 3 Passes Jager's Pothole Express MH MNH David Bornhofen
1468 3 Passes JandJ's Pink Dynamite MH MNH James Windham
1469 3 Passes Japatul's Bandit MH MNH Alice & Eddie Rodriguez
1470 3 Passes Jaxx XIV MH MNH David Johnson
1471 3 Passes Jc's High Tech Double Or Nothing MH MNH Bradley Schulz & Sundee Stephenson
1472 3 Passes Jedi Klampett Klar MH MNH Kevin Klar
1473 3 Passes Jib Rough's Roman Goddess MH MNH J Brion/L Brion
1474 3 Passes Jj's The Full Monty MH MNH Tim Mueller
1475 3 Passes Jj's Topgun Cocoa Toblerone MH MNH Richard Anderson Md
1476 3 Passes JLB Steady As A Rock MH MNH Jason Brion
1477 3 Passes Johnson's Redwind MH MNH Tracy Hyghes
1478 3 Passes Jtm's Alli Oop MH MNH Joseph & Kristie Wilder
1479 3 Passes Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH Jace Tramontin
1480 3 Passes Jt's Tip Trouble MH MNH Jace Tramontin
1481 3 Passes Jumpin Jazzmin Montgomery MH MNH Lee & DebbieTelling
1482 3 Passes Kaizen's Put Your Red Light On MH MNH Matthew Chavers
1483 3 Passes Kate's Crown Jewel MH MNH Michael & Dorothy Ruehman
1484 3 Passes Keela's R Dee Reggin MH MNH Kelly Hansen
1485 3 Passes Kenai's Black Gold MH MNH Dan Boettger
1486 3 Passes Kenai's Kodiak King MH MNH Jim Martin
1487 3 Passes Kenai's Yukon King MH MNH J Martin/C Martin
1488 3 Passes Killian's Night Watcher MH MNH James Killian
1489 3 Passes King's Hillside Shadow MH MNH Steve White
1490 3 Passes Kingseed's Secret Agent MH MNH Wendy Swift
1491 3 Passes Kingsland's Reine Gabrielle MH MNH Larry Hacker
1492 3 Passes Kosmic Kate MH MNH Jack O'connor Iii
1493 3 Passes Lab's Unlimited The Devil Wears Prada MH MNH Bill Cox
1494 3 Passes Lady Belle Of Battleground Creek MH MNH Craig & Beverley Grace
1495 3 Passes Lady Of Curles Neck MH MNH Janet Sowers
1496 3 Passes Lcr's I Hear Ya Hoss MH MNH Cliff Rose
1497 3 Passes Lil Joes Jumping Jetta MH MNH Joseph Baker
1498 3 Passes Lindsay's Little Lucky Buddy MH MNH Curtiss Lindsay
1499 3 Passes Lindy's Marsh Missile MH MNH Scott Lindy
1500 3 Passes Llano'S Tule Buster MH MNH Al Bianchi & Russ Reavis
1501 3 Passes Lock Five's April Foolya MH MNH David & Kara McMahan
1502 3 Passes Locked And Loaded MH MNH Ernest D'Antoni
1503 3 Passes Lone Duck's Queen Of Graceland MH MNH Bob Owens
1504 3 Passes Lone Oak's Big Dipper MH MNH Kevin McDonald
1505 3 Passes Lone Willow's Cypress Boo MH MNH Wendell Barton
1506 3 Passes Long Lake's Low Flashpoint MH MNH Chris Jobman
1507 3 Passes Longleaf Molly MH MNH Tom Rankin
1508 3 Passes Los Alamos Tules MH MNH Madeleine Jex
1509 3 Passes Louisiana Dark Roux MH MNH Bob Nicholson
1510 3 Passes Lpk Delaware River Autumn Squaw MH MNH Jeffrey Wilson
1511 3 Passes Luke's Going Full Throttle MH MNH C Mckiernan
1512 3 Passes M & S Mainline Railroad Spike MH MNH Susie Aragon & Meghan Rich
1513 3 Passes Mac & Vedge'S Fowl Attitude MH MNH Tommy Harp
1514 3 Passes Mandy's Casey White O'morn MH MNH Lawrence & Lisa Burgert
1515 3 Passes Mark Wood Sargent MH MNH J Strange
Passes Dog Title Owner
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