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AKC Master National Hunter title (MNH)

The American Kennel Club has approved a new MNH title for retrievers. The MNH, which stands for Master National Hunter, title will be in addition to the dog’s MH title.

 The title is given to any dog that successfully completes three Master Nationals, which is equivalent to the Master National Retriever Clubs’ (MNRC’s) Hall of Fame designation. When the MNH is earned, it will go on the dog’s pedigree.

The AKC will offer the option to purchase a MNH certificate. If an owner would like an AKC certificate, they can complete a form provided by the AKC and pay the $30 fee.

Apply For a MNH Title from the AKC

Master National Retriever Club title (MNR)

The MNRC has approved a new “club” title to replace the previous MNH that was earned when a dog passed 2 Master Nationals. The new “club” title is the Master National Retriever (MNR) which will be granted to all dogs qualifying at two Master National events. This is a “club” title and cannot become part of the dog’s pedigree.

Master National Hall of Fame

View Hall of Fame Inductees

The MN Hall of Fame was created for any dog that has qualified at a MN event at least 3 times since 1991. On display at each MNRC event is the Hall of Fame Banner. This banner contains the dog’s name, the years it qualified, and the present owner’s name. At the annual Delegate’s Meeting, verbal recognition is given, as well as a letter that will be sent by the MNRC President, to the owner’s home club denoting the dog’s accomplishments.

Owners or handlers who have qualified a dog more than once will receive a small, bronze, circular pin with the MNRC logo. Below the logo are small gems which signify how many times a dog has qualified at our event (up to four times). There are also special silver pins for the owners or handlers and dogs who qualify five times or more. These are given out on a one-time basis during the annual meeting.

Distinguished Service Award

View Distinguished Service Award recipients

This award is presented to an individual for their exemplary service as a volunteer to the Master National Retriever Club.

Clayton Crawford Award

View recipients and learn more about Clayton Crawford

At each year’s event, the MN board votes as to the recipient of the Clayton Crawford Award. This award is given to honor and recognize the person or persons whose unconditional help and hard work made the current year’s event a success. This award perpetuates the name of Clayton Crawford, one of the pioneers of the MNRC Hunt test for retrievers. A framed certificate is presented to the recipient(s) at the closing ceremony during the conclusion of the event.

Vision Award

View Vision Award recipients

The Vision Award is the highest award an individual can receive from the MNRC. The ability to see a vision of what the MNRC is about or can and should become is what this award is all about. The recipient will have made an extremely unusual contribution that is exemplary and self-sacrificing as well as profound. The contribution will also assure the future of the MNRC.

Property Owner’s Award

View Property Owner’s Award Recipients

The Property Owner’s Award is given in recognition for exemplary service to the Master National Retriever Club. This award represents those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to the club.

Master National Past Presidents Banner

View Past Presidents

The MNRC’s Past Presidents are honored by having their name and year served placed on this banner, which is displayed at each year’s event.

Master National Retriever Club Foundation Awards

The Foundation Awards include: Youth Handler of the Year Award, Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award, and The Humanitarian Sportsman Recognition.  

Amateur Team Excellence Award

The Amateur Team Excellence Award is given to the Amateur Handler who has qualified the same dog three times at the event.

View the Amateur Team Award Winners

Women’s Challenge Trophy (Retired Trophy)

View Women’s Challenge Trophy Recipients

The Women’s Challenge Trophy, now retired, was created to honor those women who have qualified with the same dog three times at an MN event. Each year, the woman handler’s name, the dog’s name, and the years they qualified are placed on the trophy. If a woman handler qualifies five times with the same retriever, the trophy will be retired to her, unless that woman elects to donate the trophy back to the club so additional names can be engraved on it in future years.  The Trophy has been retired and is now replaced by the  Amateur Team Excellence Award

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