Amateur Team Excellent Award

Given to the Amateur Handler who has qualified the same dog three times at the event.

wdt_ID Year Dog Handler
1 2023 Duxbury My Ten Cents MH MNH SHU Jack Combs
2 2023 Harpers' Kick It On Back (Kicker) MH MNH Joseph Harper
3 2023 J&J's Usmc General Walt MH MNH James Windham
4 2023 Los Alamos Tules MH MNH Madeleine Jex
5 2023 Mpr's Top Gun MH MNH Kevin Bunnell
6 2023 Rattlin Ridge's Willin O Ranmar MH MNH Randy Clark
7 2023 Reibar's Adorable Deplorable MH MNH Donna Campbell
8 2023 Salt Marsh Penny Red MH MNH David Boothman
9 2023 Stellar's Don'T Rock The Jukebox MH MNH4 MAH4 Dede Paterson
10 2023 Stoneridge Rock N Roll Dynamo MH MNH Matt Griffiths
11 2023 Stoneridge The Captain's Daughter MH MNH Matt Griffiths
12 2023 Topgun Have A Little Faith MH MNH William Woll
13 2023 Wild West Posse Point Man MH MNH MAH Annette Pacheco
14 2022 Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH MNH        Tom McKenzie   
15 2022 Dark Timbers Gunsmoke And Jazz MH MNH4    Amber Everett 
16 2022 Farmer's Big Stick MH MNH4 Rex Gibson
17 2022 Healmarks Sam I Am MH MNH        Becky Williams 
18 2022 Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH4    Jace Tramontin 
19 2022 Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH MNH4      Charles Pugh   
20 2022 Merganser's Mr. Cooper MH MNH       Steve Souder
21 2022 Old Man's High Flying Goose MH MNH4        Dennis Danielson     
22 2022 Reibar's Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH5         Donna Lu Campbell
23 2022 Runnin Rebels Dabo MH MNH             Mike Perry
24 2022 Sir Riley Merganser of Creswell MH MNH    Donn Peacock 
25 2022 Stellar's Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH5      Wayne Paterson
26 2022 Vet's Cut Above Lean Grade MH MNH4      Dennis Greer   
27 2022 Wetlands Black Pearl MH MNH6        Kevin Bunnell
28 2021 Brushy Creek's Happy Go Lucky MH MNH Amy Sturino
30 2021 Gooseneck's Over The Limit MH MNH6 Glenn Rogers
31 2021 High Points Asterion Flint Stone MH MNH Cindy A Tulpa
32 2021 Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH MNH Charles Pugh
33 2021 Medicine Mans Lost At Sea MH MNH Beckey Malphus
34 2021 Reibar's Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH4 Donna Lu Campbell
35 2021 Stellar's Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH4 Wayne Paterson
37 2021 Topbrass Northstar Crazy Train MH MNH Ron Houdek
38 2021 Wetlands Black Pearl MH MNH5 Kevin Bunnell
Year Dog Handler
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