SetUp Week 2023

Thank you to Barbara Bozeman of Sights and Hounds Photography for these photos taken during set up week October 21 – 25 at the Boston and Pavo Testing properties.

Gallery: Parting Shots

Congratulations to all our Qualifiers . You did an amazing job! And to all those who ran, you need to enjoy your accomplishment and start training for next year. Thank you to all who sent

Mid-Week Photo Gallery

Take a look at some shots around Roseburg this week. Congratulations to the Teams who are going to the Fifth Series and to those who did not make it, remember it’s an accomplishment to even

Judges Gallery

Many thanks to our 12 Master National Judges, who gave almost 3 weeks of their time and dedication to judge this year’s event. You are awesome folks!

Frankie’s Party 2018

For the first time since the first Master National (1991), Frankie Prendergast has been a part of the Master National event.  This year, Frankie was unable to attend but with the help of Joe Rhinehart

Opening Ceremony 2018

In addition to the traditional Reception, Auction and Starting Dog Selection two “special”  guests paid a visit to the MNRC Opening Ceremony and Banquet  Thursday, October 18th to officially kick off the 2018 Event. Two

Setup Week in Oregon 2018

Judges, the Board of Directors and volunteers from Umpqua Valley Retriever Club worked very hard setting up tests, unpacking boxes and getting everything ready for this week’s 2018 Master National event in Roseburg, Oregon.  Thank

Closing Ceremony 2017

Thank you to everyone for participating, volunteering and attending the 2017 Master National at BigWoods on the Trinity. We hope you enjoy the rest now and look forward to seeing you October 18-22 in Roseburg,

Thank You Whataburger 2017

The Master National Retriever Club would like to thank WHATABURGER for their support this year.  WHATABURGER was a new Platinum sponsor , in addition to Garmin. This great company provided each handler with a free

Frankie’s Party 2017

Join us Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at BigWoods for a very special celebration. It started years ago in the parking lot of Frankie Prendergast‘s hotel with a few steaks and some beers. Twenty-six years

Workers’ Party 2017

Thank you to Michelle Love & Rex Gibson for their attention to detail in making the Worker’s Appreciation Dinner a smashing success! And we want to thank ALL of our wonderful workers. Without you this

Master National Signboards 2017

The Master National Retriever Club now has three new signboards.  The stations are ready to use and will be available for pictures throughout the week. We would like to thank Jeannie & Sam Ferguson, Jean

Setup Week Wednesday 2017

Judges, committee members and assistant stake marshals to set up tests. Corporate Sponsor Liaisons Michelle Love & Rex Gibson plus volunteers prepare the Handler’s bags. Store ladies Pam Bunnell and Terry Elliott and friends unpack

Setup Week Begins 2017

The Board of Directors  of the Master National Retriever Club plus members of the set-up committee are working with our Judges to make this a very special Master National.

Accommodations Available at Lakeview Methodist CC

Here’s an alternative to traditional hotel rooms in Palestine.  Guest rooms are still available at the Lakeview Methodist Conference Center during the Master National.  Check out rooms, amenities and prices at Lakeview will be the

Setup Week Begins 2016

The judges, members of the host club and the MNRC Board of Directors are at the Busch grounds getting ready to prepare the 2016 Master National event. We wish everyone safe travel and look forward

Welcome to St. Louis 2016

Congratulations on qualifying your retriever for the  25th Anniversary Master National Retriever Club Event to be held in the St. Louis area September 29 – October 9, 2016.Thanks in part to the generous support of our sponsors this

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