Officials Welcome Master National to Cheraw

It was an extremely successful weekend in Cheraw, SC for the CSL team Michelle Love and Rex Gibson. The Cooper River Retriever Club was holding a Hunt Test at H Cooper Black (April 26-28) and many of the Master National folks were there too and were included in the festivities.

Town officials welcomed Master National reps to a dinner Wednesday evening which included Cheraw town council representatives, local advocates such as Bill Lenz and Brian with State Forestry, and distinguished delegates: Richie Yow – District 53 State Representative; Andy Ingram – Mayor of Cheraw; Robert Wolfe – Cheraw Marketing-Tourism Director; Eric Dusa – H. Cooper Black Jr. Memorial Field Trial Area Park Manager

From a CSL perspective, we now have contacts to attract local business sponsors and support, as well as groups to help stuff handler bags. The State Park site (a newly renovated building called The House on the Hill was the site of the welcome dinner.

Also happening that weekend, Chief Marshal Keith Winch and Assistant Chief Marshal Mike Colson as well as President Jack Combs visited some new properties that might be included in this year’s event.  Here are some shots taken that weekend.

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