Judge, Handler Gene Byrd Dies

The Master National is sad to report that former Master National judge and longtime hunt test handler Gene Byrd has passed away. Gene of Baltimore, Maryland was 84. Gene (DOC) was a founding member of

2024 Winter Board Meeting

The 2024 Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors met for their annual Winter Board Meeting February 8-11 in Paducah, Kentucky. MNRC President Keith Kiesow and 2024 Chief Marshal Annette Pacheco along with Tim Kreher

2024 MNRC Member Clubs

Here is a list of the current Master National Retriever Clubs for 2024. If you think your club is a member and is not listed here please contact MNRC Secretary Dede Patterson for details. Master

Region 1 Elects New Director

Congratulation to Jeffrey Henderson newly elected to the Board of Directors representing Region 1. Former Region 1 Director Robby Griffin did not seek re-election. MNRC thanks Robby for his years of dedicated service to the

SetUp Week 2023

Thank you to Barbara Bozeman of Sights and Hounds Photography for these photos taken during set up week October 21 – 25 at the Boston and Pavo Testing properties.

2023 Master National Retiring Dogs

Each year as the number of participants grows it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to view the Hall of Fame and Retiring Dog videos. This year, we did try to run the videos inside

Text To Get Mobile Snack/Drink Van

Local Paw Patrol Van benefits the Thomasville Humane Beginning Sunday October 29, a mobile snack van or for short “the Paw Patrol” will have mobile delivery of snacks and drinks as needed. Participants just need

DuBoise Land

Duboise Land This test is a land triple with a flyer, double land blind and an honor.  Bird #1 is the Flyer and it is thrown from Left To Right at 115 Yards.  Bird #2

GPS Hunt Test Locations

Here are Latitude & Longitude GPS Cordinates for our Hunt Test Locations. Parramore Center 30.7661231 -83.8079116 Use this gate for flight only Parramore North 30.7561592 -83.8272507 Stay out of Pecan Orchard, No driving/Parking! Parramore East

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