2014 Master National judge change

To all MNRC stakeholders There has been a change in one of the Judges for the 2014 Master National. William (Bill) Blochowiak of Meeker, OK is replacing Lynn Morrison.  Allyn Foster and Bill Blochowiak will

2014 Master National Schedule of Events

2014 Master National Schedule of Events: This is a tentative schedule. Watch for postings at the Event headquarters or on the Master National website and Social Media on  Facebook and Twitter. THURSDAY OCTOBER 9, 2014

Meet Your Judges (2014)

Region 1 – Pennsylvania Megan Baker It all started with Dalmatians competing in obedience and agility in the late 80’s. After training with many retriever friends, I decided to try a Golden Retriever in 1991.

Master National Club Dues

Annual dues notices have been mailed to all Master National Member Clubs. Dues must be received by August 1, 2014.  For questions or comments, please contact Elaine Goodner, Master National Retriever Club Secretary.  Email Elaine:

2013 Master National Women’s Challenge Trophy

Congratulations to the newest recipients of the Master National Women’s Challenge Trophy. Lesley Rae-Karnes with Windy City Snake Eyes MNH, qualified in 2010, 2011, 2013. Melissa Robinson Shanks with Pop’s Lucky 13 MNH, qualified in

Closing Ceremony & Awards 2013

Thank you to all our of judges and wonderful volunteers and to the Master National Board of Directors on a superb event.  We hope to see everyone in Corning, California Oct. 9-19, 2014! And thank

2014 Master National Judges

The 2014 Master National event will be held in Corning, CA. Dates are Oct. 9-19, 2014. Congratulations to the following individuals selected to judge our next Master National. Region 1: Megan  Baker and Michelle Love

2013 Annual Meeting

The MNRC Annual Meeting was held on September 20, 2013 at Flint Oak.  Welcomes were given by AKC Representatives Doug Ljungren and Jerry Mann and Flint Oak General Manager Jeff Oakes. A welcome was also

Training Property Draw

Training property draws will be held on Saturday, Sept. 14th, and Tuesday, Sept. 17th. The properties can be seen in the 2013 Master National Training Grounds Guide posted on the Master National web site. Draw

Kansas Hunting License and Bird Requirements

Hunting License Required- Whether shooting ducks or pheasants at the Master National event or during training,  a hunting license is required. For Kansas residents a hunting license is required. For non-residents a CSA (Control Shooting Area) license

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