2014 Master National Emergency Contact List

Handlers:  For your convenience,  a list of local emergency contact phone numbers has been assembled.  We hope you won’t need to use these, but just in case keep them handy.  Thank you to Gloria Mundell
Emergency Contacts Phone
Local Police/Sheriff –Corning, CA 911
Local Ambulance –Corning, CA 911
Local Fire Department –Corning, CA 911
Local Hospital or Emergency Medical Facility 911
St. Elizabeth Hospital
2550 Sister Mary Columbia Dr.Red Bluff, CA 530-529-8000
Local Weather Data www.fireweather.com
Poison Control 800.222.1222
Emergency Veterinary Hospitals:
CORNING VET, 2023 Solano St., Corning CA (right Downtown) (NO Emergency hours) 530-824-2966
ORLAND VET, 1137 8th, Orland, CA (closed 12-l:30p) Vet on call 24/7
WALKER ST. VET, 512 Walker St., Orland, CA (8:30a-5p) (NO Emergency services) 530-865-3630
MID VALLEY VET HOSP, 4422 County Road “N”, Orland, cA (M-F 8a-5p)
Vet on call for emergencies only during week.
(M-F 8a-5p) Vet on call for emergencies during week only)
VALLEY OAK EMERGENCY CLINIC, 2480 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Parkway, Chico, CA
(24 Hour Emergency Clinic)

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