Advanced Judges Seminar Grant Program

Help develop a high quality judges pool.

Plan your Advanced Judges Seminar with support from the Master National Retriever Club.

The Master National Retriever Club (MNRC) recognizes that quality judges are an important element of the Hunt Test program. With that said the MNRC is committed to expanding and improving the quality and quantity of the Hunt Test Judges pool.

There are two ways the MNRC directly supports this mission:

The MNRC will help advertise and promote the AKC Judges/Handler Seminar by posting the schedule seminar on our website.

The MNRC also awards one grant to a MNRC member club in each region every year to host an Advanced Judges/Handlers Seminar

Requirements for Member Club’s to post and advertise their scheduled seminar on the MNRC Website are as follows

Member clubs must submit the information about the scheduled judges/Handlers seminar to their MNRC Regional Vice President or Director.

This person will then coordinate the publishing of the seminar information on the MNRC website via the MNRC Publicity Chair.

The following details are required:

  • Member Club Name
  • Member Club Contact Information and Details
  • Seminar date (the date must be confirmed and approved with AKC before publishing on the MNRC website)
  • Participant Fees and Instructions
  • Lodging and food arrangements (either a list or link to the info)

Member Club criteria

The MNRC will award one grant per region each year as a financial incentive to member clubs that are investing in hosting an AKC Advanced Judges/Handlers Seminar for the purpose of educating existing judges, potential judges and handlers. Grant amounts will range from $500 to $1000 based upon the fee AKC charges the club.

Application for the Grant must be submitted in writing or email to the MNRC Region Vice President or Director before the Annual MNRC meeting held at the Annual Event.

These applications will be for Advanced Judges/Handler Seminars planned and approved by AKC for the upcoming year January 1 – December 31

As one grant is awarded per region each year the MNRC Board of Directors will evaluate the submitted request and announce the award by December 30th each year.

The club submitting the grant application must be a member of the MNRC and in good standing.

The following will be taken into consideration by the MNRC during the evaluation and approval process:

  • Club must be a member in good standing of the MNRC
  • Club’s ability to host a quality seminar (considering organizational skills and commitment of workers)
  • Geographic location of the seminar ( for example if a grant was awarded to a hosting club in the north area of the region the previous year the desire would be to a hosting club in the south area of the region)

The Grant Payment Process

The member club shall provide a report within 15 calendar days after the conclusion of the seminar to the MNRC Region Vice President and Director. This report should include the following:

  • AKC Representative present at the seminar
  • Details on the actual number of attending participants (a detailed roster is recommended showing names of those in attendance)
  • A copy of your payment to AKC or receipt showing paid from AKC.
  • Number of current active judges in attendance
  • Specific matters raised / discussed that need additional consideration
  • Ideas / Suggestions for improvements to the seminar program

Upon receipt of the seminar report the MNRC Vice President and Director will notify the MNRC Treasurer to send a check for the Grant to the member club. The final Grant amount will be based on the number of attending participants. The amount will be no less than $500 and no more than $1000.

View Region I – IV presidents, directors and your representatives.

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