2014 Delegate/Proxy Form

2014 Master National Retriever Club Delegate/Proxy Form

Use this half of the form ONLY if your club wishes to CHANGE its Delegate for the Annual Meeting
Mail to: Elaine Goodner, 2817 Duell Ave., Medford, OR 97501
The ___________________________________________________________
Club Name
wishes to change its delegate. The following person is hereby appointed Delegate until further notice.
_______________________________________, 2014
Delegate Name:__________________________________________________________
Club Title::_____________________________________________________________
Please do not cut this sheet
Use this half of the form ONLY if your club will be represented by a Proxy at the 2014 Annual Meeting

2014 Proxy Form

The undersigned Member Club does hereby constitute and appoint:
to be its lawful attorney and proxy for it, and in its name to vote at the MNRC Annual Meeting of Member Clubs to be held on Friday, October 10, 2014, upon amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of said Club, and upon any and all other matters that may come before said meeting.
Member Club:_______________________________________________________

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