Marin Retriever Club BBQ & Raffle Tickets

Marin Retriever Club will be hosting a pulled pork BBQ dinner Saturday night, October 11th, starting at 5 pm. That’s right – opening day evening!
So stay all day watching the first series, then let us worry about your dinner! Come join us for a fun evening with friends, GREAT giveaway items we’ve got planned, and a few other surprises! Due to the large number of participants, we are only able to cook for a limited number of folks ~ so if you want to come, please buy your tickets NOW online and then pick them up as you come in – that way you’ll be guaranteed a seat!
Tickets are available online at the Marin Retriever Club website.  As well as tickets for the Marin Club raffle.  Don’t miss out!
BBQ Tickets Online

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