2014 MN Training Birds & Hunting Regulations

Corning propertyNews from the 2014 Host Club: Marin Retriever Club
All training birds MUST be pre-ordered to ensure an adequate number of birds are raised for the event and for pre-national training. Please email Brad Henman directly to place your order.  He wants emails from participants directly. Email Brad at Brad@clearcreeksportsclub.com to pre-order your birds. Be sure and include your name, contact info and approximate number of birds. During pre-national training week, birds will be available for pickup each morning between hours to be determined by Brad closer in time to the event, probably 6:30-8:00 am. (Not all day long!) NO outside live birds are allowed to be brought onto the property.
All participants who will be shooting at the event will be required to have either a valid California Hunting License OR a Tribal License. Tribal Licenses can be purchased from Brad for $15. per day or $30 per week. Contact Brad at his office to purchase a Tribal License. A Tribal license is for shooting at Clear Creek only.
Any persons, trainer, handler, gunner that shoots flyers for training on ANY property in the area must have a California hunting license, and duck stamps.  Please go to the Fish & Wildlife link at the bottom of this page for complete information on licenses. STEEL shot is the only type shot allowable in many areas of California and we’d recommend you use steel over lead, to avoid any problems with a passing Fish and Wildlife Officer!
NOTE: If you are a gunner shooting at the test, the Master National will pay for the necessary Tribal Hunting License. This does not cover any shooting on other training properties.
Check for more information from the Marin Retriever Club

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