Diagrams: Celebration Lower Land Water, Lynch Land Water and Strader Shepherd Pond Land Water

Celebration Lower Land/Water Series 2 Flight A

This is a Walkup, Land/Water Triple, a Flyer, and Single Blind. As the Handler walks toward the line,  Bird #1 comes from the right side gun station at 33 yds and lands 55 yds from the line. The flyer is #2 in front of the handler and lands approximately 88yds away. Bird #3 is on the left side and lands 66 yds away across the water. After picking up the 3 marks, the handlers are instructed to pick up a single blind at 120 yds, past the fall areas of the flyer and bird #1. The beautiful Oregon mountain countryside provides a scenic backdrop for this test. The  test was timed during setup at 6.5 minutes per dog.   Fllight

Lynch Land/Water Series 2 Flight B

This test is a Land/Water Triple with a Walkup, Flyer and Single Blind. Bird @1 comes from the Handler’s right and lands 34 yds away. Bird #2 is from the Handler’s left and lands 62 yds away . The flyer is #3 from across the water and lands 107 yds away. After picking up the marks the Handler picks up a single blind at 79 yds, under the arc of bird #2. The test dogs averaged 5.6 minutes on this test.

Strader Shepherd Pond Land/Water Series 2 Flight C

This is a Walkup, Land/Water Triple, with Flyer and Single Blind. The handler emerges from a sunken area behind the test. Right when they hit the level ground, the walkup bird appears from the right side at 31 yds and is angled back landing at 44 yds. Bird #2 is to the left and is thrown across the water landing on dry ground at 61 yds. The flyer is between birds 1 and 2 and lands 95 yds away in the field. After picking up the marks a single blind is picked up at 62 yds. The cover is heavy in some places and the Shepherds Pond has many features that can confuse a dog. The setup dogs averaged 5.3 minutes running this test.

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