2023 event

SetUp Week 2023

Thank you to Barbara Bozeman of Sights and Hounds Photography for these photos taken during set up week October 21 – 25 at the Boston and Pavo Testing properties.

DuBoise Land

Duboise Land This test is a land triple with a flyer, double land blind and an honor.  Bird #1 is the Flyer and it is thrown from Left To Right at 115 Yards.  Bird #2

GPS Hunt Test Locations

Here are Latitude & Longitude GPS Cordinates for our Hunt Test Locations. Parramore Center 30.7661231 -83.8079116 Use this gate for flight only Parramore North 30.7561592 -83.8272507 Stay out of Pecan Orchard, No driving/Parking! Parramore East

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