Property Draws & GPS Locations

Welcome to the 2023 Master National — Under the Oaks, in Thomasville, GA.
The first property draw will be held Wednesday Oct. 18 at the Host Hotel.

Training Grounds are open from 8:00am until 5:00pm on these dates.

Wednesday 10/18/23. 5:00 pm. HQ Host Hotel
Hampton Inn
1950 Georgia Highway 122
Thomasville, Georgia, 31757, USA

Draw for Thursday 10/19/23 and Friday 10/20/23

Please Note: For All Draws, a proxy or a representative of the training group can draw for an individual property. To Enter the Draw someone must be Present, but not all. Draw will be conducted by Host Club Representative Frank Prendergast.

Friday.    10/20/23.       5:00 pm.    HQ Hotel Hampton Inn

Draw for Saturday 10/21/23 and Sunday 10/22/23

Sunday.    10/22/23.       5:00 p.m.     HQ Hotel Hampton Inn

Draw for Monday 10/23/23. ONLY

Monday. 10/23/23.     5:00 p.m.   HQ Hotel Hampton Inn

Draw for Tuesday 10/24/23 and Wednesday 10/25/23

The exact GPS locations for the Training Properties will be available beginning Wednesday 10/18/23. 5:00 pm. at the Host Hotel in the Training Guide and online at

Addresses and GPS Locations for Training

Blackgamin Plantation
Property #1
217 Callahan Lane, Wigham, Ga. 39897
GPS Coordinates:
N30.857634° W-84.362094°

Piney Acres
Property #2, #3, & #4
813 Plantation Rd.
Thomasville, GA 31792
GPS Coordinates:

Property #5
3465-3485 US HWY 3195
Thomasville, GA 31792
GPS Coordinates:
N30.790853° W-84.034965°

Whoa Nellie Farm
Property #6
159 Spence Rd.
Ochlocknee, GA 31773
GPS Coordinates:
N30.997150° W-84.158742°

Union Hill
Property #7
900-998 Union Hill Rd.
Pelham, GA 31779
GPS Coordinates:
N31.042473° W-84.141728°

Kresslands South
Property #8
2517 Harmony Rd.
Pelham, GA 31779
GPS Coordinates:

Dogleg West & East
Property #9 & #10
1540 Widow White Road,Meigs, GA 31765
GPS Coordinates:
9 (East)
N31.057368° W-84.006887°
10 (West)
N31.056669° W-84.009848°

Boyles Farm
Property #11
6600 Salem Rd.
Boston, GA 31626
GPS Coordinates:
N30.886061° W-83.777976°

Pond Park
Property #12
2167 Old Pavo Rd.
Pavo, GA 31778
GPS Coordinates:
N30.987920° W-83.664213°

Property #13
1411 Baden Rd.
Quitman, GA 31643
GPS Coordinates:
N30.720522° W-83.567522°

Property #14
11562 Madison HWY
Madison, FL 32340
GPS Coordinates:
N30.632038° W-83.436938°

Red Dog Ranch Sites
Property #15-#18
396 NE Oats Ave
Madison, FL 32340

15 RD Ranch – Floyd’s
GPS Coordinates:
N30.575455° W-83.417705°

16 RD Ranch – House Pond
GPS Coordinates:
N30.569359° W-83.422486°

17 RD Ranch – Middle Field
GPS Coordinates:
N30.574319° W-83.421666°

18 RD Ranch – Training Pond
GPS Coordinates:
N30.572621° W-83.424442°

Red Dog Annex
Property #19
380 NW Jersey Rd.
Madison, FL 32340
GPS Coordinates:
N30.569716° W-83.445795°

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