Notice of MNRC Annual Meeting

Clubs are being asked to vote for some open Board positions and to vote For or Against a Bylaws Amendment Proposal.

Master National Retriever Club Clubs have been emailed an Annual Meeting Ballot.

Clubs are being asked to vote for some open Board positions. Clubs in All Regions vote for one of the following for the Region 2 Vice President:
Matt Griffiths or Frank Barton,   

All Regions vote for one of the following for the MNRC Secretary:  Dede Paterson

Region 1 Clubs only vote for one Region 1 Director: 

Jeff Henderson or Beckey Malphus

Region 3 Clubs only vote for one Region 3 Director:  Charles Pugh

Clubs are also being asked to vote For or Against the Bylaws Amendment Proposal to remove the section of the Master National Retriever Club Bylaws prohibiting Professional Handlers from serving on the Master National Board of Directors.

Note: The question has been raised regarding the effect of the Proposed Bylaws Change on the tax status of MNRC as a nonprofit organization with professionals in the industry serving as board members. Should this proposal be approved by the membership, the BOD will ensure proper business operations going forward. President Keith Maready.

Bylaws Amendment Proposal to strike/remove Article VII, Section 8 (Which states only persons who meet the definition of “Amateur” as defined by AKC may serve as an officer or director of the MNRC Board of Directors)

See the Colorado Women’s Retriever Club Bylaws Change Proposal in detail below.


Name of Club Colorado Women’s Retriever Club
Date June 12, 2023
Name of Delegate  Gloria Mundell  
Phone  (303)506-4469                                                              

eMail Ballot only

Current Bylaws affected: Article  VII      Section   8      Page 7

Current Wording:

Only persons who meet the definition of “Amateur” as defined by the American Kennel Club pertaining to retrievers then in force shall be eligible for election as an officer or director; provided, that if such person’s amatteur staus, as herin defined, is lost thereafter, such shall not constitute a forfeture or vacancy of such position.

Proposed Bylaws Amendment: (Please state wording exactly as you wish it to appear)

Strike Article VII, Section 8

Rationale: (Please give a full and complete explanation)

The Master National is made up of amateur and professional handlers. It is important that all of those involved with the event have the opportunity for representation on the board. The creation of the Master Amateur fulfils the ability for amateurs to have an event that is directed and put on by amateurs. Permitting ALL participants of the Master National to be able to be represented and serve on the Master National Retriever Club Board of Directors is not only logical but equitable.

Delegate’s Signature Supporting Club

Colorado Foothills Retriever Club Supporting Delegate Name Jennifer Tucker

If email ballot, provide other Clubs and Delegate information

Club Name Albuquerque Retriever Club
Contact  Mary McNeese                                                                         

Club Name Cajun Rivera Retriever Club   Contact  Curtiss Lindsay

Club Name North Alabama Retriever Club Contact Allan Dillard

Additional Clubs Supporting CWRC Bylaws Change Proposal Section 8

Northeast Texas Retriever Club- Orie Matthews
Tulsa Retriever Club – Stacy Ritchie
Castile Creek Retriever Club- Lyle Steinman
Feliciana Retriever Club-Kevin Beard
Lake Charles Retriever Club- Curtiss Lindsay
Flint Oak Retriever Club- Missy Heard
Date Received 9/1/2023 Date Presented to Board 9/3/2023

Date Presented to Membership 9/16/2023

Please Note: the in-person MNRC Annual Meeting will be held at the 2023 Master National event on Thursday, October 26, 2023 at the Deep South Fairgrounds, 2057 GA 122, Thomasville, Georgia 31757 at Noon.

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