Apply to AKC for MNH Title

Are you new to the Master National Hall of Fame?

The American Kennel Club has approved an MNH title for retrievers. The MNH, which stands for Master National Hunter, title will be in addition to the dog’s MH title.

 The title is given to any dog that successfully completes three Master Nationals, which is equivalent to the Master National Retriever Clubs’ (MNRC’s) Hall of Fame designation. When the MNH is earned, it will go on the dog’s pedigree.

The AKC offers the option to purchase an MNH certificate. If an owner would like an AKC certificate, they can complete a form provided by the AKC and pay a $30 fee.

Here’s a link to apply to the American Kennel Club for issuance of a Master National Hunter title Certificate! And Congratulations! 

Apply to AKC for MNH Title Certificate

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