Master National Test Delay Announcement

September 29, 2021

MNRC Family,

I am writing this note to inform all of you that we have a person who was working during set-up week test positive for the Covid 19 virus and is being treated at the local hospital.  For the safety of everyone at this event and our neighbors, we are taking precautions in accordance with CDC guidelines by asking those that were in close contact with this person to self-quarantine. They have started their quarantine.

As a result of this news, we will delay the start of the hunting test until Sunday morning. Registration will still be held on Friday in the time order as posted. However, we are looking at some alternatives in the manner the handler bags, etc is dispersed.  Please stay apprised of our announcements. We will ask everyone to adhere to CDC guidelines by wearing mask and social distance.

As more news develops, we will inform you as quickly as we can.  Please be smart, stay safe and say a prayer for this person.

Keith Winch
2021 President


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