Closing Message Regarding 2021 Event

For those who are in attendance for this 2021 MNRCHT, you are well aware of our dilemma with changing 4 judges which delayed our start to Sunday. Trying to complete 5 series with 7 flights of around 160 dogs per flight, 9-10 hour days and all with different run times, some handlers would not get their plate and jewelry till late Monday evening or Tuesday morning.
You can do the math if we tried to go 6 series. This year’s event will be one for the record books in many different ways. So let me dispel all the assumptions, misconceptions  and those comments from folks that are not in attendance: Barring government stoppage, a severe wrath from mother nature, MNRC’s constraint is time. The posts with lack of resources, incoming rain, cold weather and other false claims have no merit nor any influence in our decision. It’s time.  I hope you all enjoyed the hospitality of Valley County ID and have a safe trip home.
God bless.
Keith Winch
2021 MNRC President
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