Flights and Series Locations

Fourth Series
The fourth series will begin with Dog Rotation Number 140.  For all flights it will be a land series. Flights all keep the same judges.

Flight A moves to the Norwood Ranch

Flight B stays at the Roberts Ranch

Flight C moves to Will’s pond

Flight D moves to Mud Creek

Flight E moves to Little Valley Ranch

Flight F moves to Lundy’s Ranch

Flight G moves to Twin Pond

Series One Two and Three

Flight A was at Mud Creek   Judges are Tracy Hughes and Michelle Love

Flight B was at Robert’s Ranch    Judges are Mike Black and Robby Griffin

Flight C was at Little Valley Ranch  Judges are Christian Ricker and Dale Langhorne

Flight D was on Norwood Ranch Judges are Doug McGuire and Alan Bruhin

Flight E was on Lundy Pond  Judges are Mark Schlender and Susan Bell

Flight F was on Twin Ponds  Judges are John Cottenham and Willie Alderson

Flight G was on Will’s Pond  Judges are Jeff Bundy and John Kinnard

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