First Amateur Team Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to our First Amateur Team Excellence award winners.  This award began with the 2018 Master National event to recognize those amateur handler/dog teams that have passed the Master National event three times.

The winners of the award receive an individual plaque and their names are added to a perpetual plaque. This is a one time award per team. The 2021 event was the first event that anyone became eligible and it is not given retroactively to teams prior to 2018.


Amateur Team Excellence Award
Stellars Proud Mary MH MNH9 Bob Neipert
Field of Dreams Turnout Gear MH MNH7 James Bauer
Brushy Creek’s Happy Go Lucky MH MNH Amy Sturino
Medicine Mans Lost At Sea MH MNH Beckey Malphus
Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH MNH Charles Pugh
High Points Asterion Flint Stone MH MNH Cindy A Tulpa
Old Man’s High Flying Goose MH MNH Dennis Danielson
Stellar’s Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH4 Wayne Paterson
Reibar’s Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH4 Donna Lu Campbell
Topbrass Northstar Crazy Train MH MNH Ron Houdek
Wetlands Black Pearl MH MNH5 Kevin Bunnell
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