Second Request for a Special Meeting Additional Proposal

The calling of a Special Meeting is to vote on the proposal presented. All Member Clubs in good standing are eligible to vote for any and all Special Meeting proposals regardless of how they have voted for any prior or subsequent Special Meeting proposal. This is a standalone vote for the following proposal.  I encourage all clubs to vote on each Special Meeting Proposal.

An additional request for a Special Meeting of the Master National Retriever Club has been received proposing a solution to the challenges facing the Master National Retriever Club. The request was submitted 7/10/2023. The purpose of the Special Meeting is to Submit the Simple Split Model for the purposes of conducting the Master National Hunting Retriever Test, the Board of Directors shall designate sites for the conduct of the test.

The number and location of the designated sites shall be adjusted as needed to fairly distribute participant entries, ensure availability of adequate grounds, create
manageable flight sizes, availability of necessary resources, and access to
adequate infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, and other amenities.

 As per the Bylaws Article VIII Section 2. b. Upon receipt of requests in writing from not less than (5) member clubs, in which case the secretary of this club shall call and duly give notice of a special meeting of this club, stating the purpose, time and place thereof. 

The date of the special meeting will be August 20, 2023. No in person meeting will be held.  The proposal will be sent to the member clubs. All votes from member clubs will be due by August 19, 2023 by 11:59 pm CST. All votes will be electronic. The results of the Member Club Votes will be recorded and the results distributed to the Member Clubs on August 20, 2023 at noon.

Please Find the attached request and proposal by the following member Clubs: 

 Bourbon Hills Retriever Club: Adam Andrews, Secretary Red Hills Retriever Club of Mississippi :Tyler Patterson
North Alabama Retriever Club: Allen Dillard
Oregon Hunting Retriever Club: Doug Shade
Oregon Retriever Trial Club:  Doug Shade
Neuse River Retriever Club: Keith Maready
Black Warrior Retriever Club: Thad Simmons
Grassy Creek Retriever Club: Blake Lemish
Castile Creek Retriever Club:  Lyle Steinman
Lost Pines Retriever Club:  Rody Best
Buckeye Retriever Club: Bill Skeels 
Tri State Retriever Club: Mike Botts
Cooper River Retriever Club:  Bunny Wayt

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