Welcome To the 2023 Master National

President’s Message To Our Master National Family

Grace my black lab youngster, Eli my yellow lab 2023 MN prospect, my wife Wendy and I reside on the coast of eastern NC. It has been an honor serving you folks on your MNRC Board. It’s very humbling as I move into the President position for the 2023 year. I do not take it lightly and I do not step forward with all the only right knowledge. Success in making improvements will only become reality as I lead supported by the knowledge, experience and success from each of you fine folks. Thank you in advance for your help.

Our 2022 event is behind us and I trust it was an enjoyable event for all. Some of our teams at the line were not successful to the end but success is surely applicable to all in accomplishing the task of earning an invitation to attend. I pray all of our K-9 athletes and their human care givers make it home safely.

As we progress towards South Georgia and Sunny Florida let’s move forward together with focus on our retrievers and how we can create an event that provides satisfaction for the majority. I’m putting a diverse support committee in place to help the Board and myself hear the voice of you, all the participants. I desire to help us (with your help) find the things which we have ability to implement that will make us better.

Train hard, run great test and I look forward to seeing everyone at our 2023 event.


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