Beloved MNRC Member Dies in Car Crash

On behalf of the Master National Retriever Club we extend our deepest sympathies to Jace Tramontin and family on the sudden passing of his wife Denise A. Tramontin of Iron, Minnesota. Having just returned from the Master National event in Roseburg, Oregon, Denise was involved in a fatal crash near her home. Tuesday morning, October 11, 2022.

Her real passion was training dogs for retrieving competitions. She and Jace became involved in the Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club in 2002, and in 2015 she helped found the Arrowhead Retrievers Club. Jace Tramontin served as 2016 President of the MNRC with Denise always at his side to help. Denise and Jace were also involved with the Master Amateur National Retriever Club. Both Jace and Denise were always there at the National events. Denise was also an AKC Judge.

“Jace and Denise Tramontin are known across the entire Master National family. Between the two of them they have provided support services in every area possible said MNRC President Keith Maready.

Perhaps their most significant service to Master National has been their personal camaraderie and friendship shared with many. My conversation with the two of them just prior to their flight awards ceremony in Roseburg left me with no doubt that I could depend on them as friends and would have their support as I assume the responsibility of 2023 President. As the ceremony was being called to order the parting words from Jace was, “you can count on us.” That’s who Jace and Denise have been to Master National for a long time and I left with another level of confidence.

My heart, my soul and my entire being is overcome with tears of sadness. My Lord and Savior is the only peace I can find.

Jace, my fervent pray is that you and your family will know and feel the sweet peace and comfort from God in this most horrible experience of losing wife, mother, grandmother and best friend. Hold on man. God is real and He is good. Cry out to Him.

Denise, I and your Master National family love you and we’ll miss you until God brings us in His presence with you.” All the Best

Keith Maready and your Master National Family. “You can count on us.”

How You Can Help

A Special Message from the Dougherty Funeral Home: The best way to help the family is to make a memorial donation directly to the family. You can enclose a check made to them in a card/envelope and send it directly to the funeral home and we will be sure to get it to Jace. Dougherty Funeral Home, 2615 First Avenue, Hibbing, MN 218-262-2214

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