Running Order – 2023

wdt_ID Flight No. Dog Owner Handler
2209 A 1 Big Mamou's Good Deal Lucille MH Cheri Levine Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2210 A 2 Isabela's Black Magic MH C Torres/M Rodriguez Carlos Torres Vanderdys
2211 A 3 Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH MNH Jack O'Connor III Lyle Steinman
2212 A 4 FowlMasters You Got Me On My Knees Layla MH MNR Kyler Monnington M Monnington/ K Monnington
2213 A 5 Crossroads Cash Me Outside MH Jim Jones Ray Shanks
2214 A 6 Feather Point's Gidgey Pidgey MH Blake Haddock Blake Haddock
2215 A 7 Boogie Jean's Happy Here and Now MH Sue Meyring Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2216 A 8 DOCHENO'S MYA MH C Torres Van Derdys Carlos R Torres Van Derdys
2217 A 9 Bigwoods Black Pearl MH Jay Herrington Lyle Steinman
2218 A 10 FowlMasters Halle Bear MH MNH Michael Monnington Mike Monnington
2219 A 11 Dr. Shady Roberts MH Jerry Roberts Ray Shanks
2220 A 12 Feather Points Hank's Buckleberry Beau MH D Myers/S Myers Blake Haddock
2221 A 13 Cappys Big Gun MH Bob Reeder Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2222 A 14 KBs Blacklabel It Aint Me Babe June MH D Didier/C Didier David Didier, Jr.
2223 A 15 Morgan's Thundering Thor Of Arrowhead MH Eric Locke Lyle Steinman
2224 A 16 FowlMasters Calm Before The Storm MH M Monnington, K Monnington M Monnington/ K Monnington
2225 A 17 G-Man's Dreamboat Annie MH MNH Matt Sterner/Ray Shanks Ray Shanks
2226 A 18 Feather Point's Travelin' Light MH L Watson Blake Haddock
2227 A 19 CH Fynder Never Cry Wolf MH SHU NJP TKN Christine Robertson Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2228 A 20 Cedar Branch's Flawless Abby Grace MH Keith Maready Keith Maready
2229 A 21 Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH Jennifer Tucker Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2230 A 22 FowlMasters Major MH James Marshall M Monnington/ K Monnington
2231 A 23 Harvey's Bye Bye Birdie MH Lee Grahl Ray Shanks
2232 A 24 Griffin's Miss Maggie May Of Flatrock MH Robby Griffin Blake Haddock
2233 A 25 GCH CH Can. CH Manitou's Keller Redux MH MHU NFP NAP TKN Dr Christine M Robertson Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2234 A 26 GMPR Luke's Feather Point Elijah MH Keith Maready Keith Maready
2235 A 27 Hiwaters Dr. Dre MH BRIAN TUCKER Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2236 A 28 Cypress Branch's Setting Fire To The Line "Tucker" MH Mark Holden Glenn Rogers
2237 A 29 Mbr's One Wing In The Fire MH Clint Everett Ray Shanks
2238 A 30 Medicine Mans 3 Hour Tour MH Beckey Malphus, DVM Beckey Malphus DVM
2239 A 31 Hailstone Kid MH Kylie Swift Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2240 A 32 Harry's Chasing The Rooster MH Harold Decker Harold Decker
2241 A 33 Legend Of Pineycreeks Charly Girl MH B Tucker Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2242 A 34 Gooseneck's Fire Away MH MNH Glenn Rogers Glenn Rogers
2243 A 35 Pinetree's Noah MH Clint Everett Ray Shanks
2244 A 36 Hershey's Sweet Brown Sugar MH J Morris Jack Morris
2245 A 37 Hightest Blk Ice Captain My Captain MH Teal Knapp Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2246 A 38 Autumn's Ruffcut Diamond At Fernhaven MH Jean & Charles Fowler Jean Fowler
2247 A 39 Marks-A-Lot Gangster's Last Call MH B Tucker/J Tucker Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2248 A 40 Gooseneck's Over The Limit "Visa" MH MNH7 Glenn & Rebecca Rogers Glenn Rogers
2249 A 41 Saleboats Lulu MH Elliot Sale Ray Shanks
2250 A 42 GCH CH Foxvale's Solemate CDX BN RN MH OA NAJ NJP NF Kathy Guerra Kathy Guerra/Larry Sonntag
2251 A 43 Hightest Blk Ice Catch Me If You Can MH Teal Knapp Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2252 A 44 Ireland Farms Dutchess Of Stormy Mtn MH Kevin Medved Kevin Medved
2253 A 45 Redgates Mac & Cheese MH Brian Tucker Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2254 A 46 Waterwheels Medicine Woman MH Brandon James Glenn Rogers
2255 A 47 Sherla's Little Bear MH S Bialczak, W bialczak Ray shanks
2256 A 48 Delta's Guns A Blazin MH J Gurley Jordan Gurley
2257 A 49 J and J's Wild Irish Rose MH Joan Belcher Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2258 A 50 Kaizen's Put Your Red Light On MH Matthew Chavers Richard Meisemann
2259 A 51 Black Kat's Bottle Rocket MH QA2 Jack O'Connor III L Steinman/C Kennington
2260 A 52 Gooseneck's Burning Ring Of Fire MH G Rogers/R Rogers Becky Rogers/Glenn Rogers
2261 A 53 Swamp Chase's Max Single MH Larry Noland Ray Shanks
2262 A 54 No Mistake's Chokko Bohannon MH Barry Smith Barry Smith
2263 A 55 MARAUDERS SMOOTH ASCENT MH Wayne Johnston Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2264 A 56 Ranger's Lady In Black MH Ben Butler Jordan Gurley
2265 A 57 Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MH MNR Jack O'Connor III L Steinman/C Kennington
2266 A 58 Little Blue Girl Lilly MH Matthew Chavers Richard Meisemann
2267 A 59 Swamp Run's Black Magic Woman MH MNH4 Chris & Traci Bodine Ray Shanks
2268 A 60 No Mistake's Gonnagitum Girley MH Barry Smith Barry Smith
2269 A 61 Rebel of Dalland MH Knut Nicolaisen Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2270 A 62 Woodfield Springs' Dark Warrior MH A Carter/S HUMPHREY Aurelia B. Carter/S Ferguson
2271 A 63 Dared To Dream Maize MH QA2 Robert Gabriel L Steinman/C Kennington
2272 A 64 Robinsons Always In A Rush MH chuck robinson Richard Meisemann
2273 A 65 Swamp Run's Gator's Southern Bell MH Mark Koester Ray Shanks
2274 A 66 She's The Fabulous Wizard Of Oz MH MNR QA2 Brian Tucker C Kennington/L Steinman
2275 A 67 Sky Lakes Wyldfire Chairman of the Board MH Kate Macartney Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2276 A 68 Ferguson's II Bravo MH Sam & Jeannie Ferguson Sam Ferguson
2277 A 69 FC Lonestar's Batten Down The Hatch MH Stephanie & Lyle Steinman L Steinman/C Kennington
2278 A 70 RWM’s It Just Sounds Nasty MH Renee Spiller Richard Meisemann
2279 A 71 Swamp Run's Queen of the South MH Chris & Traci Bodine Ray Shanks
2280 A 72 Seven Mile Bend's Hot and Fresh Hoagie MH Dr Hunter Brigdon C Kennington/L Steinman
2281 A 73 Skyriver's Mr Winston Goes The Distance MH N Medved/KMedved Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2282 A 74 Fergusons Memorial Day Sniper MH Sam & Jeannie Ferguson Sam Ferguson
2283 A 75 FTCH AJTOP Tiger Ii Rides Pride MH Jennifer Tucker L Steinman/C Kennington
2284 A 76 RWM's Zig Zag Originals MH Laurence Galle Richard Meisemann
2285 A 77 Swamp Run's Reggae Princess MH Lee Grahl Ray Shanks
2286 A 78 Red Squad's Loverboy MH MNR QA2 David Eaton C Kennington/L Steinman
2287 A 79 Vinni Of Autumn Run MH Larry Sonntag Larry Sonntag
2288 A 80 Telopea's Tough Rollin Oliver at Centerfield MH Liz Gibson/Mark Keen Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2289 A 81 Joy's Sassy Miss Scarlett MH QA2 Lyle & Stephanie Steinman L Steinman/C Kennington
2290 A 82 S&S Where The Heart Is MH Paul Sterud Richard Meisemann
2291 A 83 Swamp Run's Super Villain MH Nathan & Cooper Jones Ray Shanks
2292 A 84 Kc's General Of The County MH Kelly Coursey C Kennington/L Steinman
2293 A 85 Calie's Noble Goshawk MH William Carrington William Carrington
2294 A 86 The Captain's Vincent Rolls Like Lightnin' MH Liz Gibson, Mark Keen Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2295 A 87 Post Creek's Give A Little Whistle QA2 MH Kreed Sampsel L Steinman/C Kennington
2296 A 88 Tank The Gangster MH Wally Bialczak Ray Shanks
2297 A 89 Jovi's Josie Hampton MH MNH George Hampton C Kennington/L Steinman
2298 A 90 Coolwater's Storm Warning MH William Carrington William Carrington
2299 A 91 Vision of a Little Bit of T and Lucy MH Teal Knapp Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2300 A 92 Serendipity's Gypsy Rogue MH MNR Dr. James Newbill L Steinman/C Kennington
2301 A 93 There She Goes MH MNH5 Derek Kriegel Ray Shanks
2302 A 94 Ira's Too Much Torque MH Cliff IRA C Kennington/L Steinman
2303 A 95 Ranmar Intruder's Ok Underlined MH Mark Needler Mark Needler
2304 A 96 GF Jax MH Chad Gullickson B VandeBrake Jr. /C Gullickson
2305 A 97 Topbrass Mollie G MH29 Mac Barr L Steinman/C Kennington
2306 A 98 Copperbirch Paddy Of Leadburn's Black Diamond MH Wes Bowman Wes Bowman
2307 A 99 Topbrass Calvin's Friend Hobbes MH S Flanagin/G Flanagin Ray Shanks
2308 A 100 Ira's Harper Go Lucky MH Cliff Ira C Kennington/L Steinman
Flight No. Dog Owner Handler

The Running Order for the 2023 Master National is complete. Dogs to the line, Friday, October 27th, Flight locations to be posted via Text Msg and MNRC website and on Social Media.

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