New 2016 Hall of Fame Retrievers

libby-retired-newHere is a list of the new Hall of Fame Qualifiers from the 2016 Master National. Congratulations to all of these wonderful retrievers! Each year we list only those retrievers who are new inductees only.
For a Complete List of All Hall of Fame Qualifiers CLICK HERE
Please note: If you see an error or your dog is omitted please email Hunt Test Secretary Frank Barton at

2016 New Hall of Fame Inductees

Abandoned Road’s Caffeine Explosion MH Charles & Judy Pugh
Ajax’s Jacob’s Shot Of Black Powder MH Edward Rischka
Applewood’s Bow Rider At Sealion CDX RE MH AX OAJ Wendy Pennington
Baileys Irish Cream Of The Bigwoods MH Jay Herrington
Bayou Side Ben MH Robbie Andries
Black Devil’s Ace In The Hole MH Shawn Montgomery
Boogie Mcseagull MH Perry Meyring
Boo’s Watermark Of Teal Pond MH Joel Earls
Buckhead’s Sporting Duke MH Gina Blitch
Castile Creeks Two And A Half Men MH Lyle & Stephanie Steinman
Code 3 Three From The Ring MH22 Paul McGinnis
Coles Night Moves MH Brian Raynor
Coolwater’s Seaside Bullet MH Thad Simmons & Everett Nix Jr.
Crimson’s Black Powder Girl MH Jimmy Hughes
Crooked Creek Sporty Drake MH QA2 Kevin Buckley
Davis’ Main Attraction MH Tracy Davis
Doc Tee’s Fire Down Below MH Darrin & Shelia Swenson
Dogleg’s Snake Eyes Pair-A-Dice MH Gloria & Fred Nusbickel
Field Of Dreams Turnout Gear MH Nancy & Jim Bauer
Gunner Boy Washita Tobias MH Matt Underwood
Healmarks Beautiful Black Betty MH QAA Marc Healey
High Mileage Cool And Groovy MH Martha Kress
J&J’s Little Red Ryder MH Juliann Windham
Marks A Lot I Like It That Way MH Dan Kielty
Mpr’s Top Secret MH Kevin Bunnell
Mt Vernon Hayley’s Yellow Jaxx MH Bryan Couch
Perry’s Red Blaze Of Washita MH Ray Perry
Raney Black Pearl Griffin MH Mike Griffin
Rmr’s Kick Back To The Future BN RN MH MX MXJ NF Sue Dorscheid
Rockerins Lil Miss Pandora MH Chuck Strange
Semper Austin Mini-Cooper BN MH Julie Cairns & Katie Quarles
Silverbrook Joey’s Girl MH Sue and Joe Hartsoe
Starlight’s Mikayla Sue MH Randy & Sherre Frager
Stk’s Tub Full Of Mallard’s MH Julie Moore
Sunfire’s Lacey Of Notch Hill MH NA NAJ Chris Reynolds
Talkin In The Timber Backwaters Bella MH Justin Jackson
Taylor Farm’s Sandpiper MH Jack Crawford
Teufelhund Keystone MH Michael Moss
Washita’s Daisy Duck MH Jeffrey Chesnut
Wolf Creeks Speck Of Gold MH Orie Mathews & AD Specks
Wood River’s Wizard Of Westwood MH Julio Rios


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