Shout Out To Master National Presidents

Sam Ferguson, JaceTramontin and Larry Kimble

mnrc-presidentsMore times than not, we receive negative comments and complaints about the largest retriever event in the country — the Master National.  But each year we manage to present a quality event with an all volunteer army.  If you see these three men this week, please say thank you.  They represent the past, present and future presidents of the organization.
2015 Master National President Sam Ferguson, 2016 President Jace Tramontin, and 2017 Master National President Larry Kimble, together have dedicated almost 25 years of service to the organization.  Quite an accomplishment,  showing great dedication to the retriever community.
Throughout the year, these men have given countless hours in the planning of this event.  And like those before them, they do this for the love of their dogs, and the continuation of the hunting retriever sport.
We would also like to recognize and thank past presidents of the MNRC as well.
2014 Janet Wood
2013 Gloria Mundell
2012 John Blackbird
2011 John Marchica
2010 Janet Peters
2009 Bill Teague
2008 Dave Kress
2007 Mary Williams
2006 Julie Cairns
2005 Bill Blochowiak
2004 Ray Muth
2003 Harold Buckley
2002 Steve Elliott
2001 Jeff Schoonover
2000 Ray Muth
1999 Sallie Sullivan
1998 Russ Reavis
1997 D. Blair Clark
1996 Milton Holcombe
1995 Larry Holcombe
1994 Les Lowenthal
1993 Sonny Robertson
1992 Bill Speck

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