Diagrams: Strader Back Water, Kahn Butterfly Water and Kahn Barn Water

Strader Back Water Series 3 Flight D and Series 4 Flight E

Strader Back Land/Water This test is a Land/Water Triple with a walkup, Flyer, and Single Blind. The test start with the walkup bird directly in front of the handler that lands left to right at 42 yds. Bird #2 comes from a station behind the Walkup bird and thrown right to left across the water landing 55 yds from the line. Bird #3 is the flyer from the right side and lands approximately 103 yds away. After picking up the marks the single blind is 102 yds to the left of the flyer station. The test took 5.1 minutes in setup

Kahn Butterfly Water Series 3 Flight E and Series 4 Flight B

This is a test is a Water Triple with all dead birds. Bird #1 is on the Handler’s left side, thrown across the water landing at 47 yds. Bird #2 is thrown from across the water right to left and lands 34 yds away. Bird #3 is on the right side, thrown to the left and lands at 34 yds. A diversion shot is fired after the dog picks up bird #1. After picking up the marks a single blind is picked up on the left sides at 69 yds. The setup dogs averaged 8.1 minutes in this test.

Kahn Barn Water Series 3 Flight F and Series 4 Flight C

Kahn Barn Water This test is a Water Triple, single blind with a diversion shot. All dead birds are used in this test. Bird #1 is from the handlers right and thrown across the water at 42 yds and lands on piece of land that resembles an island from the line. Bird # 2 is in front of the handler and is thrown left to right at 66 yds.  Bird #3 is to the handlers left side and lands at 53 yds. There is tall cover in the fall areas of all three birds and provides ample opportunity for the dogs to lose their way enroute to the birds. Whenever Bird #1 is picked up a diversion shot is fired from the gun station #1. After picking up the marks the handler runs a blind at 60 yds that cuts behind gun station #1.  This test averaged 7.2 minutes in setup.

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