Diagrams: Celebration Upper Land, Celebration Upper Land Water

Celebration Upper Land Series 4 Flight D

This test is a land triple with a Flyer, Double blind and Honor. Bird #1 is on the right side, angled back to the left and lands 68 yds away. Bird #2 is in front of the line and thrown inward, landing at 49 yds. Bird #3 is the flyer and lands 79 yds away to the left of the flyer station. After picking up the marks the handlers are given their choice on the blinds. The left blind is 91 yds away and tight to the #2 gun station. The right blind is under the arc of Bird #1 and is 96 yds away. The test concludes with an honor of the next working dog. The setup dogs averaged 7.8 minutes on this test. 

Celebration Upper Land/Water Series 5 Flight D

This test is a Land/Water Triple with a Flyer, Walkup, and Single Blind. As the handler walks toward the line a bird is thrown and lands 44 yds away on the right side. Bird #2 is the flyer thrown right to left and lands about 92 yds away. Bird #3 is on the left side and 42 yds away in some medium cover. The single blind is under the arc of the walkup bird and is 88 yds from the line. The test dogs averaged 6.7 minutes in setup on this test.  

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