Diagrams: Celebration Lower Land, Lynch Water and Strader Shepherd Pond Water

Celebration Lower Water Series 3 Flight A

This test is a Water Triple, with a single blind and a diversion shot. All dead birds are used in this test. Bird #1 comes from across the water to the handler’s right side and is thrown down the hillside landing at the edge of the water in some tall grass at 31 yds. Bird #2 is on the handler’s left side and is thrown back and landing on ground on the left side of the pond at 42 yds. Bird #3 comes from the same station as bird #1 and is thrown parallel to hillside left to right at 60 yds. When the dog picks up bird #3 there is a diversion shot from the mom/pop gun station. The test concludes with a single blind at 143 yds. The
blind is “hot” but is well out of the picture from the marks. The test timed during setup at 6.7 minutes per dog.

Lynch Water Series 3 Flight B

This test is a Water Triple with a Single Blind. Bird #1 is on the right side angled back right and lands at 69 Yds. Bird #2 is in front thrown right to left and lands at 64 yds. Bird #3 is on the left side and lands at 42 yds, The single water blind is 81 yds from the line. This test averaged 7.7 minutes in setup.

Strader Shepherd Pond Water Series 3 Flight C

This is test is a Water Triple, with Single Blind and a Diversion Shot. Bird #1 come from directly in front of the Handler and is thrown back to the left landing 54 yds from the line. Bird #2 comes from  the same station and is thrown back to the right landing across the water at 53 yds. Bird #3 comes from the far right and is thrown across the water landing 41 yds away. Whenever the dog picks up Bird #2 a diversion shot is fired from the Mom/Pop gun station. The true line of the single water blind passes 4 ft in front of the Mom/Pop gun station. The varied features of the Shepherd Pond allow lots of opportunities for dogs to put on hunts for the marks.  In spite if the short distances the setup dogs needed on average 6 minutes to complete the test.  

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