2023 Master National Chief Marshal Update

This year’s event is perfectly named by the local Host Clubs as Master National Under the Oaks in beautiful Thomasville, GA.

The properties we will be using for this year’s event are simply amazing.  The grounds are all private properties designed and exclusively used for retriever training and events.


We are expecting wonderful weather in Thomasville.  Expected highs between 68 and 76 with normal lows expected between 48 and 54 degrees.

At this time of the year, we will have well over 10 hours of daylight each day.

Social and Calendar of Events

A lot of work has been going on to get things ready for Opening Ceremonies which is scheduled for Thursday October 26th. We will start running dogs on Friday October 27th. A full schedule of events is being finalized and will be published soon.


We have 18 of them from across all 4 regions which is the most ever assembled for a Mater National event.  Of the 18 judges we have a nice mixture with some having previously judged the Master National and others excited for their first time to judge the event.  We have already started our conference calls with the judges and they are excited to get to Thomasville and see some great dog work.


Unfortunately, this year our partner Triumph which has supported us the last couple of years with outstanding help in the field was not able to make the journey to Thomasville. However, our local host clubs have lined up workers from the local plantations that will be assigned to each flight to help support our work in the field.

Stake Marshals

Have been working to build their teams to support each flight so that we have a smooth and successful event. Even thou we have the paid workers in the field there is still several task that have to be managed on a daily basis to make this event happen.  These guys and gals start their day before the sun rises and are putting things away well after the sun sits.  


We have put together teams that will be in Thomasville early working with the judges designing their test and getting the setup’s brushed in and ready. While at the same time we have another team working to get the equipment ready.  In addition to all the things happening in the field there are several people that will be working to get the thousand plus handler bags stuffed and ready to pass out at registration.


We are excited to be working with Mitch from Easom Farms as the supplier of our ducks for this year’s event. They are local to the area and have a reputation for delivering excellent birds for retriever events.  Mitch is raising around 6,000 birds for this year’s event in Thomasville.


Our safety team has been developing plans and working with local authorities to ensure we have necessary plans in place.  


With 1,492 dogs qualified for this year’s event we are going to have a lot of dogs.  The wonderful thing is we have the property to handle the large number of dogs and we have the help lined up to support the growing number of flights.


Just a reminder that entries close Friday August 11th at 6pm central time.

Get ready, we are about 11 weeks away from dog to the line in Thomasville for the 2023 Master National Under the Oaks. For those making the trip to Thomasville, travel safe and I look forward to seeing you there!

Chuck Strange, Chief Marshal 2023

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