Update: 2012 Women's Challenge Trophy Winners

Congratulations to the new 2012 Women’s Challenge Trophy winners and to the women handlers who have “added” passes to their already impressive records.
Handlers with 3 passes now added to the list include: Tara Yohan with Birchangreen’s Rising Tide MH, MNH;  Marty Kress with Candlewood’s High Mileage Hope MH MNH; Lesley-Rae Karnes with Windy City’s Kadee CB and Seven MH MNH; and Janet Peters with Midnight DBL Shot of Expresso MH MNH .
And women handlers who now have added to their already 3-pass record are: Sallie Sullivan with Borderline’s Miss Liberty MH MNH (5);  Sandy Berube with Long Pond Moxy Stole My Thunder MH MNH (4);  Kathy Folsom with Beef River Brothers Buffalo Gal MH MNH (4);  and Kathy Folsom with Fats Waller’s Joint is Jumpin MH MNH (4).
The MNRC would also like to thank Melissa Robinson for volunteering to coordinate this important project.  Congratulations to all of our Women Challenge Trophy winners.  See you in Kansas!
To view the complete list of Women’s Challenge Trophy Winners CLICK HERE

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