Master National Information & Training Guide

186_John_Blackbird2016 Master National Information & Training Guide: 
The first draw for Training Ground Property will take place on Saturday September 24th at 4 pm.  The draw will take place at the Pavilion behind the Department of Conservation Offices at Busch Conservation Area.
The office address is:  2360 Hwy. D, St. Charles , MO 63304 .
This draw will include two consecutive days (Sunday & Monday).

 Draws thereafter will be held at the same location (Pavilion) and time (4pm) every other day for the next two consecutive days. (Monday & Wednesday).
The Training Guide is posted in a PDF format for publication on the Master National Retriever Club Website, the MNRC Blog,  MNRC Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
There will be a limited number of paper copies available at the draw.
Have fun and train hard!

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