TO: The Master National Retriever Club Membership

FROM: Master National Board of Directors

Currently there are two proposals presented for vote. The Qualifer proposal was sponsored by Brazosport Retriever Club and was the first proposal submitted. The Split proposal was sponsored by Bourbon Hills Retriever Club and submitted a few days later. Both were supported by several other member clubs. Both have been distributed via email to each member club. If your club has not received both proposals with attached ballots, please contact any member of your board of directors and we will accommodate getting the proposals to you.

Member clubs should read, consider and cast your desired votes on both proposals. Signed ballots should be returned to Master National Retriever Club via mail or email to the addresses indicated on the ballots.

There are approximately 175 member clubs in the MNRC. Our bylaws require a minimum of 25% participation to meet quorum. Our bylaws further require 2/3 of votes cast to favor a direction for a decision to be implemented. No decision will be implemented on either ballot based on simple majority for either proposal.

MNRC will publish a list of ballots received on both proposals a minimum of three days prior to end of voting periods. No indication of voting status will be provided in this list of ballots received. Your club will be able to verify your ballots have been received. If your ballots are not verified received, please resend prior to end of voting periods.

Immediately following the close of each voting period results of each will be published. The results publication will include the voting clubs and how each club voted. This too will be a verification for each voting club to ensure there is no error in the tabulated results.

Any changes to the MNRC governing documents must be approved by vote as described above from the MNRC member clubs. All member clubs in good standing have the opportunity to cast a vote on both the Qualifier proposal and the Split proposal. Cast your ballots for a voice in the decision on the path going forward of your Master National Retriever Club.

The voting deadline for the Qualifer proposal is August 10th.The voting deadline for the Split proposal is August 20th. Please cast your votes on each proposal.

Should either proposal receive the required votes for implementation, your MNRC board will begin work immediately to solidify the plan.


MNRC Board of Directors

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