Roseburg Workers Say Thanks to MNRC

It is not often, our Master National workers say a special thank you to us! The Roseburg church group,  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, who helped us at the 2018 event, had a wrap up dinner and invited Kevin and Pam Bunnell. The Bunnells were so impressed they wanted to be sure and share this with the group.
They invited the Bunnells, so Kevin could answer questions about the event and to say a special Thank You to the Master National Retriever Club for letting them participate.  Several of the members asked how to see if the dogs they watched all week qualified.  This group was so excited and thrilled with the event.  Pam said folks  asked several times if we would be back in 4 years !
As they each shared their experiences, it was said over and over, how this event revitalized their church and brought them closer together as they worked with each other, side-by-side.  The Bunnells said the entire evening was very heart warming.
2018 President Kevin Bunnell expressed the club’s appreciation and gratitude that they were involved.  Truly a unique collaboration and one we won’t forget!

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