Qualifier List for 2023 Master National

A new list of qualifiers for the 2023 event has been posted. There are 1,492 retrievers qualified to enter the 2023 Master National as of July 31, 2023. The 2023 Qualifying Year will end on July 31st. This year’s event will be held October 26- November 5, in Thomasville, Georgia. Hope to see you there!

Note: While all MNH dogs are automatically qualified for the Master National event, MNH dogs will be added to this list when they pass a test during the qualifying year after earning the MNH title and we can see that the dog is still active.

wdt_ID Dog Breed Owner
1210 6bears Chasing The Perfect Storm MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
1211 6bears Gatorpoint Rhea MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
1212 6bears Just Sippin On Sweet Tea MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
1213 Academy's Deacon Howl'N Amen MH MNH4 Lab M Bullen/S Bullen
1214 Ajs Labs Once Upon A Time MH Lab A Walters/J Walters
1215 Ajs Sailor Katy's I Shot The Sheriff MH Lab a walters/j walters
1216 Ashdown Of Rockstar Dumas MH Lab L Syler
1217 Back Woods Gambler MH MNH Lab B Autrey
1218 Baypoint's Heaven Sent MH Lab T Pitts
1219 Beau Chene's Lady Sings The Blues MH MNH4 Lab M Morris
1220 Beckylou's Linc' To Beamer MH MNH4 Lab L Dejohn/B De John
1221 Best I Can Be MH Lab S Willett
1222 Bfe Cranky Cowboy Cody MH Lab W Brines
1223 Big Mamou's Run Forest Run MH MNH9 Lab J Perron/T Perron
1224 Black Devil's Ace In The Hole MH MNH7 Lab S Montgomery
1225 Borderline's Miss Independence MH Lab S Sullivan
1226 Bucky's Big River Timber MH MNH Lab C Zandonai
1227 Cajun Drake's Faith Of A Rebel MH MNH Lab M Vidrine
1228 Canebrake's Joltin' Cannon Shot MH MNH4 Lab B Magee/W Magee
1229 Cash's Coal Is Best MH MNH Lab K Buchman
1230 Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH Lab J Tucker
1231 Colt's Gunslinging Lady's Man MH Lab J Sink
1232 Cooper Farm's Flight Day Ready Lab S Floyd/S Floyd
1233 Cotton Top's Chase On The Case MH Lab J Pierce
1234 Crimson's Black Powder Girl MH MNH6 Lab T Hughes
1235 Cripple Creek Zombie MH Lab R Stevenson
1236 Dark Timbers Gunsmoke And Jazz MH MNH Lab A Everett
1237 Deadfall's What A Jet MH Lab A Essary
1238 Dealer's Choice "Ace" In The Hole MH MNH Lab S Steverson
1239 Dickens' Ford Mustang Shelby Don'T Care MH Lab M Dickens
1240 Dixieland's Goodtime Bull MH25 MNH Lab K Warren
1241 Dmr Bayou Teche Texas Ranger Homerun MH Lab L Logan
1242 Dogleg's Empty Wallet MH Lab G Nusbickel
1243 Double J's Retrieving Rascal MH MNH4 Lab J Talley/J Talley
1244 Dude's Black Water Pearl MH MNH Lab C Chambers
1245 Dynamite's Switch Hitters Shady Lady MH Lab K Paterson
1246 Erin's Surprise All Maxxed Out MH Lab J Harper
1247 Etek Ring of Fire For June MH Lab R Middaugh
1248 Farmer's Big Slick MH MNH Lab R Gibson
1249 Field Of Dreams Cut A Lean Mark MH MNH Lab R Randle/B Hixson
1250 Flk's For The Love Of Pearl MH MNH Lab C Jobman/E Jobman
1251 Foggy Bottom Launch To The Moon MH Lab J Stumpf
1252 Fowlmasters Halle Bear MH Lab M Monnington/K Monnington
1253 Ghostryder's Go Ali's Grace MH MNH4 Lab G Daly
1254 Gooseneck's Over The Limit "Visa" MH MNH6 Lab G Rogers/R Rogers
1255 Harpers' Kick It On Back (Kicker) MH Lab J Harper
1256 Island Acres Terrible Conundrum MH MNH Lab D Shade/K Shade
1257 Jts Double Trouble Alter Ego MH MNH MAH5 QA2 Lab J TRAMONTIN/D Tramontin
1258 Juice's Cruise Missile MH MNH Lab G Gainer
1259 Kaizen's Put Your Red Light On MH Lab M Chavers
1260 Kate's River Mark MH Lab K Pierce/J Pierce
1261 Kennington's I Be Strokin MH MNH Lab D Weese/L Weese
1262 King Leonidas Of Silverbrook MH MNH4 Lab R Hixson/M Hixson
1263 Lab Worx's The Stig MH MNH Lab K Buckley
1264 Lab's Unlimited Rockin Raven MH Lab C Banister
1265 Lab's Unlimited The Devil Wears Prada MH Lab B Cox
1266 Lady Of Curles Neck MH Lab J Sowers
1267 Lake Country's Macho Mac MH MNH4 Lab J Wordsworth
1270 Lightning Bolt's Yippie Kai Yay With Attitude MH12 Lab M Weiden
1271 Lil Miss Crazy Kate MH MNH MAH Lab J Pugh
1272 Luther's High Grade Black Coal MH MHU MNH5 Lab D Knott
1273 Manitou Reaching 4 The Stars MH NSDTR K Gibson
1274 Maxxed Out Horizontal Tyme MH QA2 Lab T Garza
1275 Mbr's One Wing In The Fire MH Lab C Everett/L Everett
1276 Mijan's Great Danish Sonofagun MH Lab M Woodbury/J Woodbury
1277 Missouri's Locked-N-Loaded Ammo MH MNH Lab E Teson
1278 Montana Luther's Java MH MNH Lab B Cuddihy/J Cuddihy
1279 Murphy's Sugarbritches Radley MH MNH MAH Lab D Murphy
1280 Native Retrievers Let It "Rip" MH Lab C Mccall
1281 Obsidian Corinna Corinna MH Lab K Mearns/R Mearns
1282 Old Man's High Flying Goose MH MNH Lab D Danielson
1283 OTCH6 Electralon Snows No Boundaries UDX9 MH Golden S Howard/M Howard
1284 Pinetree's Noah MH Lab C Everett/L Everett
1285 PJ’s Riverboat Queen MNH6 Lab T Bass
1286 Prairie Creek's Artemis MH MNH4 Lab K Colburn
1287 Prime Time Four's A Full House MH MNH Lab R Gerbino
1288 Rattlin Ridge's Willin O Ranmar MH Lab R Clark/D Clark
1289 Reibar's Adorable Deplorable MH Lab D Campbell
1290 Reibar's Baypoint Asa Hearts MH MNH4 Lab D Campbell
1291 Romeo's Dynamic Award MH Lab W Mattinen
1292 Rradac T Bird RM MH Golden C Darr
1293 Runnin Rebels Dabo MH MNH Lab M Perry
1294 Runs Creek Titan's Theia SH Golden T Botner
1295 Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH41 MNH Golden D Boothman/E Boothman
1296 Sff Pampered Augusta Guinness MH Lab D SCHIRMER
1297 Shadyside Lady Shelby Lynn MH Lab A Anderson/E Anderson
1298 Silverbrook Star Power Lily MH Lab P Jagoda/W Foraker
1299 Silverbrook's Golden Girl MH Lab M HARDING/P Jagoda
1300 Silverbrooks King Louis The Bold MH Lab C Talucci
1301 Sixbears Blazing Prairie Fire MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
1302 Sixbears Charging The Field With Guns A Blazing MH Lab B Berrecloth/S Berrecloth
1303 Snowy Ridge Montana's Amazing Grace MH Golden D LaTulip/A LaTulip
1304 Spice's Zen Master Kaizen MH MNH Lab R Somers
1305 Stellar's Don'T Rock The Jukebox MH MNH4 MAH4 Lab D Paterson
1306 Stellar's Out Of The Blue Rendezvous MH MNH4 Lab D Paterson
1307 Swamp Run's Black Magic Woman MH MNH Lab C Bodine/T Bodine
1308 Swamp Run's Black Magic Woman MH MNH Lab C Bodine/T Bodine
1309 Syler-Gilstrap's Gauge MH Lab L Syler-Gilstrap
1310 Tarheel's Dirty Diesel MH Lab D GOODMAN
1311 Tcr Is In A Tight Spot MH Lab C Alderman
Dog Breed Owner

Note: While MNH dogs are fully qualified for the 2023 event they do not appear on the qualifier list until after they pass their first test during the qualifying period. If your dog has not passed one of these tests and you would like us to list it, please contact Event Secretary Frank Barton at fbarton@bartonpowersports.com.

Why is my dog’s name missing from the list of qualified dogs?
If your dog isn’t on the list of qualifiers, don’t panic. Your dog’s name may be missing due to one of the following reasons:

An MNRC club has not sent in the results of their test or it has not been received or processed yet by the AKC.
The results were accidentally omitted from the catalog.
Good old human error. The MNRC is now the sole official source of tracking qualifiers, We will make our best efforts to list qualifiers in a timely manner, but sometimes delays occur.
If you believe that an omission has occurred please contact the MNRC event Secretary Frank Barton at fbarton@bartonpowersports.com.

Send the following information: Dog’s name and the tests where the passes occurred. Frank will respond to your inquiry. Do Not Contact the AKC.

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