New Region 2 Director to Serve on MNRC Board

Frank attended his first Master National event in 2003 in Thomasville, GA. At the conclusion of that event he was appointed by the board to be both club secretary and event secretary.
A few years later he was appointed to serve also as the Club Treasurer. As the event grew, he saw the need to split the duties of treasurer and club secretary and stepped down from those roles, but he has continued to serve as the Event Secretary.
Frank created the timing process used during event setup that allows the committee and judges to accurately manage and apportion time during the actual event week.  In 2008 he developed an entry system specifically for the MNRC event which has been in use continuously since that time. In 2016, working with  fellow board member Jack Combs, he helped developed the system currently in place to track qualifiers for our annual event. Frank has also been the recipient of the MNRC Vision Award, the highest honor the MNRC can bestow upon an individual.
In 2018 Frank was appointed to fill the unexpired term as Region 2 Director. The nominating Committee now recommends him for election to a full term as Region 2 Director.

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