MNRC Pays Tribute to Bill Truman Teague

With the cancellation of the Master National Opening Banquet, some of the presentations that would have been made there were missed. The presentations were made LIVE on the MNRC Facebook page on Thursday, September 30th but we are aware many folks were unable to view this.   We would like to repeat the presentation made by 2021 President Keith Winch in honor of longtime MNRC friend and former President Bill Teague. For those who were unable to see the presentation made to Lynn Teague in honor of longtime MNRC friend Bill Teague here is a recap.

Keith wanted to pay homage to a friend and great mentor Bill Truman Teague. He will live on in our hearts and minds forever. It seemed like Bill was one of those fortunate people that had such an outlook on life, he never met a stranger and was always available to help.

Bill always had a joke to tell and happily gave so much of himself to the hunting retriever world. He was a founding member of the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club and was a large part of Brazosport Retriever Club. I’m sure there were other retriever clubs he was very much a part of. Bill served as the president of the Master National Retriever Club in 2009. He was instrumental in setting up the Master National Retriever Club Foundation and served as President from inception. As you know, Bill was honored by naming an award after him. “The Bill T. Teague Handler of the Year Award” which his wife, Lynn Teague, will present momentarily.

Bill’s mirror was his best friend and wife Lynn. Lynn was his strength, his rock and the love of his life.  So I ask each one of you to pay respect to Bill’s life by asking yourself when a situation arises; “What would Bill say and how would he proceed with honor and dignity.”

In closing, on the behalf of the Master National Retriever Club and the Foundation, my wife, Kathy and I will present this shadow box to Lynn, Jim and Tim as a very small token of our deep appreciation to you and a great man, Bill Truman Teague.


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