MNRC 2021 Entry Fee Announcement

Thank you for being a part of the Master National Retriever Club family.  We are excited to see you at the 2021 Master National Hunt Test in Valley County, ID after our respite due to COVID-19.

As we approach the event, we are encountering a number of price increases from our vendors and service providers that were not anticipated in our original plan, which was developed in early 2020.  These are the same increases we are experiencing in our everyday cost of living.  These increases are exacerbated by some of the specialty items required for the event, such as birds and ammo.  One of the most significant impacts is the cost of travel, rentals, food, and lodging.

We have implemented a number of actions in order to help offset some of these increases.  Some of these are visible to our participants, some are not.  A few of those include:|

  • Modify our procedures to reduce the number of days required to setup and conduct the event
  • Eliminate activities (and the associated expenses) that cannot scale with the size of the event
  • Reduce expenses that do not directly contribute the celebratory objective of the event
  • Reconfigure/modify sponsor and contributor resources to directly benefit our financial results

With over 90% of our available resources derived from entry fees, it is our only lever to maintain a balanced operating plan.  While we have been able to maintain the same fee for the past five years or so, we are just not able to do that this year given the significant inflation in our costs.  The 2021 Master National Entry Fee will be increased 12% to $475.

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