Master National Again Welcomes Triumph Youth Services

The Master National Board of Directors is proud to partner with Triumph Youth Services and their students and staff who work to brush blinds, throw birds, move equipment and assist us with all of the necessary functions of our event.  You will remember these great kids from the 2021 Master National in Idaho. Part of the education at Triumph is centered around responsibility and teamwork, one of the ways they do this is with their use of a retriever training program and the boys can work up to having their own puppy to train after they have met certain goals in their education and behavior. 

As part of our partnership we have donated $5,000 to help with travel, food costs, and equipment costs to transport the 24 workers for the event.  When you see one of the Triumph kids ask them about their retriever training and how they are doing! 

If you have any quality used training equipment, leashes, lanyards, collars, whistles etc. they would gladly accept them, work with your stake chairs during the event to help gather up your donations.

Thanks in advance and thank you Triumph Youth Services! 

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