Larry's Pond Land/Water

Larry’s Pond Land/Water

This test is a Land Water combo with a double blind and honor. This test begins with one of the judges blowing a duck call that is answered from the flyer station. The shot duck flyer lands 88 yds from the working and honoring dog. Bird #2 comes out in front of the handler and splashes in front of a hay bale located in the water at 35 yds. Bird #3 comes from across the water and splashes in the middle of the pond at 30 yds. After picking up the marks the handler must first run the water blind that is across the water and up the hill between two trees, 85 yds from the line. The land blind skims the back side of gun station #2 and ends at the tree line along the pond at 62 yds. The test concludes with an honor.

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