Diagram: Mallard Land/Water

Mallard Pond Land/Water

This is a Land/Water Triple with a double blind and honor. Bird #1 is a dead duck thrown from the left side of a double gun station. It is thrown left to right and lands on a peninsula of land at 53 yds. Bird #2 is another dead duck, thrown right to left from the right side of the same gun station and lands on another peninsula 50 yards from the line. Bird #3 is a duck flyer from the tree line to the handler’s right side and landing about 85 yds from the line. The water blind is across the end of the peninsula where bird #1 lands and skirts down the left side of another peninsula finishing 84 yds for the line. The land blind is towards the tree line in the direction of the Flyer station finishing well to the right and short of the flyer station at 59 yds. The test concludes with an honor.

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