Important Message from the MNRC President

Note: This letter has been emailed to all MNRC Member Clubs

To: Master National Retriever Club Membership

All have recently received information regarding potential changes in the structure of the annual testing event. That information was developed within the Board and although we as a group had and remain to have many uncertainties, our desire was to hear the voice of the folks we represent. The sending of information was not intended to indicate your Board of Directors was telling you folks, here it is this is your choice.

We are dealing with success in our sport such that the sheer number of dogs participating in the annual Master National event presents a multitude of obstacles and concerns. The concern of focus is strengthening the tests to a level which test at the maximum standard of retriever hunt test. With the number of dogs our annual event is seeing, adequate grounds time restraints and other conditions have in recent years caused our test to be less than testing to the maximum standard.

Your Board of Directors doesn’t have all the right answers. Your responses to the proposed proposal have been heard and are still being heard. We are working diligently making adjustments on the proposed qualifier model presented. Adjustments are being made in areas where there have been repeated concerns and suggestions offered by folks across the country.

In the near future a revised qualifier model will be published to you folks. It is my personal desire to find a plan which will present testing to the maximum standard and identify the best of the best at that particular event. And is acceptable by the majority of the people we work for.

Please continue to communicate with your Region Directors, VPs and or any Board Member. All of our contact information can be found on your MNRC website. (Board of Directors)

I look forward to seeing each of you in Thomasville GA in a few months!


Keith Maready

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