Dogs Carrying Over Two Passes To 2021

Here is a list of dogs carrying over 2 passes to the 2021 Master National qualifying year from 2020.

List of Dogs Carrying Over 2 Passes
Dogs that received a qualifying score at the 2019 event and Dogs that earned 4 or more Master passes during the 2020 qualification period and had a MH title at the end of the 2020 qualifying period will receive credit for 2 Master passes toward the 2021 qualification.
These dogs will need to earn 4 Master passes during the 2021 qualification period to be
qualified for 2021.
Please Note: MNH and MNR dogs are fully qualified for the 2021 event and will appear on the qualifier list after they pass their first test during the qualifying period.
The MNRC is the sole official source of tracking qualifiers. If you believe that an omission has occurred please contact the MNRC Event Secretary Frank Barton at
Send the following information. Dog’s name and the tests where the passes occurred. Frank will respond to your inquiry. Do Not Contact the AKC.

See complete list of dogs here

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