Diagram: Paramore Center Land, Land/Water/Water

Paramore Center Land

This test is a land triple with a double blind and an honor. The flyer is the first bird down on the left side and lands 142 Yds away. Bird 2 is the middle bird, thrown right to left and lands 65 Yds from the line. Bird 3 is on the right side and lands 144 yds away. After the first mark is picked up the handler must pick up the right hand blind 140 yds away. After the remaining marks are picked up the handler runs the left-hand blind that is 131 yds away. The test concludes with an honor of the next working dog. In setup this test averaged 7.4 minutes to complete.

Paramore Center Land Water

This test is a Land-Water Triple with a Flyer, Diversion Bird, Water Blind, and Walkup. The test begins with a walkup bird appearing from the left side at 36 yds yds and thrown left to right. Bird 2 is the Flyer and is landing 100 yds away and to the right of the walkup Bird.  Bird 3 is across the water on the right side and lands 85 yds from the line. After the marks are picked up a water blind is run that is tight to the #3 gun station. On the way back from picking up the blind a diversion bird is thrown at 51 yds.

Paramore Center Water

This test is a water triple with a Remote sit and a water blind. The handler begins the test by positioning the dog in front of some hay bales and then assumes a position behind the stacked hay bales creating a remote sit situation. All Dead ducks are used.  Bird #1 is on the right side and is thrown from right to left  at 51 yards.  Bird #2 is the middle bird and it is thrown from right to left at 81 Yards.  Bird #3 is the left hand bird and it is thrown from Right to Left at 78 Yards.  After picking up all of the marks, the handler must then pick up the Water blind which is planted 96 Yards from the line.  This test averages approximately 9 minutes in setup.

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