Proposed Bylaws Changes

To Master National Clubs and the Master National Community

Purpose of this letter is help explain and give context to the ballot proposals that will require bylaws revisions being sent to all member clubs. It has become increasingly clear that our sport is growing at a rate that we will very soon not be able to sustain.

The number of dogs running is a tribute to the overall success of the AKC Hunt Test program and we all should be very proud of that fact. We simply have run out of places that can consistently host the event with the quality of the grounds, help and infrastructure associated with an event of this size. We are at a breaking point and without changes we place the entire event at risk.

The Master National Board of Directors has been working very hard studying this situation and with input from the member clubs along with individual amateurs and professional handlers developed two different proposals that can help accommodate our growing numbers. The Board recognizes these are difficult, and for some, emotional decisions based on a long and successful history of the current program. These proposed changes will change the way the Master National is conducted. We need to remind ourselves that the purpose of the event is to test the dogs to a standard of excellence within the AKC guidelines.

Proposal #1 Split Event proposal: This proposal would allow the Board to select and conduct more than one test per year to manage the numbers at any given test site location. Rests would not necessarily be conducted at the exact same time allowing for cooler climates to run earlier in the fall as an example. The bylaws change needed to make this change is identified in Article 1 Section 2b.

Proposal #2 Limited Entry proposal: The Board would be charged with identifying a capped or limited number of dogs that a host site could accommodate, then manage to that number. (Attached is a document explaining how this capped or limited entry would be implemented.) The bylaws change needed to make this change is identified in Article IX Section 3, 4c.

Proposal #3 Administrative and Governance revisions/updates: Purpose of this proposal is to clean up the wording and definitions as highlighted in the attached bylaw revision proposal. In addition the Board is proposing a change to add two additional First Vice Presidents that would help in managing the overall size of the event, these changes are identified in Article VII Section 3 a, b, c, d and e.

Respectfully submitted by the Master National Board of Directors

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