A New Look for masternational.org

It was time for an update. Masternational.org has been upgraded with a clear, easy-to-follow Navigation system that has links to everything on the site.  The reason for upgrading our website was to become Mobile Friendly, Have More Functionality and Faster Loading. I hope you will be pleased when you view the site on mobile, especially our Qualifier Lists, CallBacks, Running Order, etc.  . 

All of our Award Programs, for example the Hall of Fame, are now Database Tables, allowing a user to search by dog name, owner, handler (if listed), etc.

The CallBacks are also searchable.  Type a Flight letter into the advanced filter field at the bottom, and hit return. Now only rows from that flight appear on the table.

Also, on tablets and phones, most columns collapse to fit, and each row can be opened by clicking the plus sign button:

MNRC Images. There were 88 slideshows created on the site since 2010. All of the slideshows were converted to Image Galleries, making them easier to view faster loading than the previous slideshow format. In addition over 5,000 images have been imported to the new site. We tried not to lose any content, as our site serves as an Archive for the Master National Retriever Club.

The Top Navigation items are the same. Award Programs, About and Media show a down arrow indicating there are more items to view.

The Home Page: Just a Quick Overview

Please keep in mind, we really needed to ‘slim’ down the Homepage.  Web design and user experiences have significantly changed since the original MNRC site in 2010. 

On the Home Page the Three Most Important Items will appear at the top as Blue Buttons.  Those items will change from time-to-time. For example one will become CallBacks when our event starts. The 2022 Event Page will probably stay as the Middle Button throughout the year.

The Most Recent Blogs will take center stage next with a link to previous blogs prominently displayed. Selected download and links are next, followed by Sponsors.

The Top Navigation item that has changed the most is About. There were just too many items on the About Us page so it made sense to divide the content into sections

Finding an MNRC Club is also a searchable data base. And the Documents and Forms are now easily downloadable.

I’m asking you all to help me and take some time and review the site.  Please view the site on Mobile and Tablet in addition to desktop/laptop. And please tell us what device, cell phone you are using IOS or Android or tablet.

We hope you will be pleased with what you see.

Mia DiBenedetto, Communications Director, Master National Retriever Club

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