2023 Master National Flights

Note: Please contact Event Secretary Frank Barton at fbarton@bartonpowersports.com to report an error.

Here are the Flight Draws for the 2023 Master National event.

wdt_ID Flight Dog Owner Breed Handler
2173 A Autumn's Ruffcut Diamond At Fernhaven MH Jean Fowler, Charles Fowler Lab Jean Fowler
2174 A Bayou Bill's Belle Etoile Blanche MH William Wilkinson Golden Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2175 A Bayou-Star Air Stepper MH MNH Jack O'Connor III Lab Lyle Steinman
2176 A Big Mamou's Good Deal Lucille MH Cheri Levine Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2177 A Bigwoods Black Pearl MH Jay Herrington Lab Lyle Steinman
2178 A Black Kat's Bottle Rocket MH QA2 Jack O'Connor III Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2179 A Black Majick's Bringing Sexy Back MH MNH Tom & Tricia Mckenzie Lab Ray Shanks/Kylie VanDebrake
2180 A Boogie Jean's Happy Here and Now MH Sue Meyring Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2181 A Buckhead's Blackwater Monster MH Lee Blitch Lab Gina Blitch
2182 A Buckhead's Longleaf Cowboy MH Gina Blitch Lab Gina Blitch
2183 A Calie's Noble Goshawk MH William Carrington Lab William Carrington
2184 A Cappys Big Gun MH Bob Reeder Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2185 A Castile Creeks A Little Bit Of Magic MH MNH Jennifer Tucker Lab Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2186 A Castile Creeks Dr Mallard MH MNR Jack O'Connor III Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2187 A Castile Creeks I Am The Frogman MH Dennis Patterson Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2188 A Castile Creeks The Bigwoods On The Trinity MH DR Gary Bartolomew Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2189 A Cedar Branch's Flawless Abby Grace MH Keith Maready Lab Keith Maready
2190 A CH Fynder Never Cry Wolf MH SHU NJP TKN Christine Robertson IWS Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2191 A Coolwater’s Easy Sunday Money MH Chris VandeBrake, Kylie VandeBrake Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr/ Kylie VandeBrake
2192 A Coolwater's Storm Warning MH William Carrington Lab William Carrington
2193 A Coolwaters Troublesome Raven MH Jeff Watson Lab Timothy Wiggins
2194 A Copperbirch Paddy Of Leadburn's Black Diamond MH Wes Bowman Lab Wes Bowman
2195 A Crossroads Cash Me Outside MH Jim Jones Lab Ray Shanks
2196 A Cypress Branch's Setting Fire To The Line "Tucker" MH Mark Holden Lab Glenn Rogers
2197 A Dared To Dream Maize MH QA2 Robert Gabriel Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2198 A Daybreaks Caleb Good Report MH Bill Landau Lab Bill Landau
2199 A Delta's Guns A Blazin MH J Gurley Lab Jordan Gurley
2200 A Doc Holiday's Ready To Rumble MH Kevin Schaumburg Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2201 A DOCHENO'S MYA MH C Torres Van Derdys Lab Carlos R Torres Van Derdys
2202 A Double K's High Voltage Zeus MH MNR QA2 ZoomDog Supplements & Neal Lynch Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2203 A Dr. Shady Roberts MH Jerry Roberts Lab Ray Shanks
2204 A FC Lonestar's Batten Down The Hatch MH Stephanie & Lyle Steinman Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2205 A Feather Point's Gidgey Pidgey MH Blake Haddock Lab Blake Haddock
2206 A Feather Points Hank's Buckleberry Beau MH D Myers/S Myers Lab Blake Haddock
2207 A Feather Point's Travelin' Light MH L Watson Lab Blake Haddock
2208 A Fema City's Butter My Buns MH N Boettger/P Taphorn Lab Pat Taphorn
2209 A Ferguson's II Bravo MH S Ferguson/J Ferguson Lab Sam Ferguson
2210 A Fergusons Memorial Day Sniper MH Sam & Jeannie Ferguson Lab Sam Ferguson
2211 A Fishtrap Katie MH MNH K VandeBrake/C VandeBrake Lab Ray Shanks/Brooke VandeBrake Jr
2212 A FowlMasters Calm Before The Storm MH Michael Monnington, Kyler Monnington Lab Mike Monnington / Kyler Monnington
2213 A FowlMasters Halle Bear MH MNH Michael Monnington Lab Mike Monnington
2214 A FowlMasters Major MH James Marshall Lab Mike Monnington / Kyler Monnington
2215 A FowlMasters You Got Me On My Knees Layla MH MNR Kyler Monnington Lab Mike Monnington/ Kyler Monnington
2216 A FTCH AJTOP Tiger Ii Rides Pride MH Jennifer Tucker Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2217 A GCH CH Can. CH Manitou's Keller Redux MH MHU Dr Christine M Robertson NSDTR Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2218 A GCH CH Foxvale's Solemate CDX BN RN MH Kathy Guerra NSDTR Kathy Guerra/Larry Sonntag
2219 A General Patton's Aces High MH Rusty Tweedy Lab Timothy Wiggins
2220 A GF Jax MH Chad Gullickson Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr. /Chad Gullickson
2221 A G-Man's Dreamboat Annie MH MNH Matt Sterner/Ray Shanks Lab Ray Shanks
2222 A GMPR Luke's Feather Point Elijah MH Keith Maready Lab Keith Maready
2223 A Gooseneck's Burning Ring Of Fire MH Glenn Rogers/Rebecca Rogers Lab Becky Rogers/Glenn Rogers
2224 A Gooseneck's Fire Away MH MNH Glenn Rogers Lab Glenn Rogers
2225 A Gooseneck's Over The Limit "Visa" MH MNH7 Glenn & Rebecca Rogers Lab Glenn Rogers
2226 A Grace's Rosie MH R Grace/A Grace Lab Eddie Rodriguez
2227 A Griffin's Miss Maggie May Of Flatrock MH Robby Griffin Lab Blake Haddock
2228 A Hailstone Kid MH Kylie Swift Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2229 A Harry's Chasing The Rooster MH Harold Decker Lab Harold Decker
2230 A Harvey's Bye Bye Birdie MH Lee Grahl Lab Ray Shanks
2231 A Hershey's Sweet Brown Sugar MH J Morris Lab Jack Morris
2232 A High Tide's Miss Daisy May MH Chris Schafer Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2233 A Hightest Blk Ice Captain My Captain MH Teal Knapp Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2234 A Hightest Blk Ice Catch Me If You Can MH Teal Knapp Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2235 A Hiwaters Dr. Dre MH BRIAN TUCKER Lab Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2236 A Hunter's Big Gun MH QA2 Brian Tucker/Frank Marx Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2237 A Ira's Harper Go Lucky MH Cliff Ira Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2238 A Ira's Too Much Torque MH Cliff IRA Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2239 A Ireland Farms Dutchess Of Stormy Mtn MH Kevin Medved Lab Kevin Medved
2240 A Ironweed's Powerline Jackson MH Eddie Rodriguez Lab Eddie Rodriguez
2241 A Isabela's Black Magic MH C Torres/M Rodriguez Lab Carlos Torres Vanderdys
2242 A Island Acres Bronco Betty MH Susan Bell Golden Brooke VandeBrake Jr/Susan Bell
2243 A Island Lakes For Whom The Belle Tolls MH Chad Gullickson Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr. /Chad Gullickson
2244 A Island Lake's Valiant Warrior MH C Davies/M Davies Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr./Chris Davies
2245 A J and J's Wild Irish Rose MH Joan Belcher Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2246 A Jovi's Josie Hampton MH MNH George Hampton Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2247 A Joy's Sassy Miss Scarlett MH QA2 Lyle & Stephanie Steinman Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2248 A Kaizen's Put Your Red Light On MH Matthew Chavers Lab Richard Meisemann
2249 A KBs Blacklabel It Aint Me Babe June MH D Didier/C Didier Lab David Didier, Jr.
2250 A Kc's General Of The County MH Kelly Coursey Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
2251 A Legend Of Pineycreeks Charly Girl MH B Tucker Lab Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2252 A Little Blue Girl Lilly MH Matthew Chavers Lab Richard Meisemann
2253 A MARAUDERS SMOOTH ASCENT MH Wayne Johnston Lab Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2254 A Marks-A-Lot Gangster's Last Call MH B Tucker/J Tucker Lab Lyle Steinman/Brian Tucker
2255 A Mbr's One Wing In The Fire MH Clint Everett Lab Ray Shanks
2256 A Medicine Mans 3 Hour Tour MH Beckey Malphus, DVM Lab Beckey Malphus DVM
2257 A Morgan's Thundering Thor Of Arrowhead MH Eric Locke Lab Lyle Steinman
2258 A Mud Dogs Muckin Up The Water MH Linda Moorman Golden Ray Shanks/Linda Moorman
2259 A No Mistake's Chokko Bohannon MH Barry Smith Lab Barry Smith
2260 A No Mistake's Gonnagitum Girley MH Barry Smith Lab Barry Smith
2261 A Oconee River's Bring Out The Hammer MH Bryan Wiggins Lab Timothy Wiggins
2262 A Oconee River's Lady In Red MH T Wiggins Lab Timothy Wiggins
2263 A Oconee River's Power Wagon MH J Milam Lab Timothy Wiggins
2264 A Oconee River's Ring Of Fire MH M Wiggins Lab Timothy Wiggins
2265 A Pinetree's Noah MH Clint Everett Lab Ray Shanks
2266 A Post Creek's Give A Little Whistle QA2 MH Kreed Sampsel Lab Lyle Steinman/Clark Kennington
2267 A Ptls Hope 2cu Later Gator MH Pat Taphorn Lab Pat Taphorn/Ray Shanks
2268 A Ranger's Lady In Black MH Ben Butler Lab Jordan Gurley
2269 A Ranmar Intruder's Ok Underlined MH Mark Needler Lab Mark Needler
2270 A Rebel of Dalland MH Knut Nicolaisen LAB Brooke VandeBrake Jr.
2271 A Red Squad's Element Of Surprise MH J Wiggins Lab Timothy Wiggins
2272 A Red Squad's Loverboy MH MNR QA2 David Eaton Lab Clark Kennington/Lyle Steinman
Flight Dog Owner Breed Handler
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